Friday, October 31, 2008

alive and kickin

Just when you thought I was dead, I post again! Wow, it has been forever, has it really been a whole year since I posted last. I am really lazy, wedding planning can be partially blamed I guess. For those of you that keep checking this site for updates, I feel sorry for you because my blog was never even mediocre. I do appreciate the one person that always asks for updates, it almost makes me feel important.

So, the wedding day is almost here and I still have a crap-load of stuff to take care of, no surprise there. I am the biggest procrastinator I know, I’m not bragging about that either it’s the sad truth. I haven’t even gotten my tux measurement yet because my wedding party is so difficult to round up for a fitting. Ok, enough about the wedding talk, my heart just started racing thinking of all the stuff I still need to get done before I see my lovely bride walk down the isle.

Comics, you knew I would get to them didn’t you? Instead of planning a wedding I have been reading tons of trade paperbacks. I don’t have time to give full reviews on any of them, but I will tell you what you have to read. That’s right if you read comics at all these are ones that should not be missed, PICK THEM UP!

The Alcoholic, I don't even drink and I can relate

The Killer