Sunday, August 05, 2007

Who Watches The Watchmen?

It has been a very long time, has it not, anyway lets get to the new post topic shall we. My relationship is going great, defiantly the best one I have ever been in, love is indeed in the air. Amanda and I just got back from a trip to Chicago to see a C.S.I. function at the museum there, the trip itself was problematic, but the company was great. No matter what we did the odds seemed to be against us, the hotel we stayed at charged me one hundred bucks to park there for the three days we stayed. It used to be if you stayed at a hotel parking was included, but that was not the case in Chicago. We were late to the C.S.I. show because we couldn’t walk there like to hotel website said, so we had to catch a bus. I called the museum to make sure we could use our late tickets and was told it wouldn’t be an issue. When we made it to the museum we were told late tickets were not acceptable, I thought I was going to have to choke the ticket taker, then he said he was joking and told us to get in line, his life was spared. As nice as it was to get away from work for a few days, I was very happy when I saw the welcome to Ohio sign on our way home.

I have been reading a lot lately, well comics anyway, not picture less books, that would be too difficult to finish. I have read two books that have impressed me in the last few weeks, the first is Mouse Guard: Fall 1152. The book is about mice that live in medieval time if you enjoy movies about knights you will probably enjoy this book, heck I don’t care for knights and I thought it was great.

The second book is slated to be a movie in a year or so, its title is The Watchmen. I have owned the issues for ten plus years, but never read them, I checked out the trade from the library and finished it in a few days it was a great read. Think of what would happen if being a superhero was illegal, what if Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and etc. had to stop fighting crime and get normal jobs. Then all of the sudden Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne is murdered, and the superheroes must reunite underground to find the killer, that just might happen to be closer to them than they think. If you haven’t read it, pick up the trade, heck it’s free from the library and if they don’t have it at your local one, they can order it from another Ohio library. They film comes out 3/6/2009 so you have plenty of time to get up to speed before it hits theaters.

Well that’s it for now, and as always please support indy comic publishers. There is a new one out Teshkeel publishing and it is giving away free copies of its premier title The 99, so grab one at your local comic shop.


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