Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh Yea, Snap Into A Slim Jim!

I'm tired, so that means this post will be most unreadable do to the lack of brain power I am running on. I would just go to sleep, but i have to stay up to put clothes in the dryer, aahhh, when the heck are we going to get clothes like that coat that dried itself in Back To The Future III? My one reader maybe wondering what the heck is up with the title to this post, well i am glad you asked, what you didn't ask? well ask already so I can continue with this post, thank you. I have been reading Savage Dragon all week and for some dumb reason I keep thinking of Macho Man Randy Savage every time I see savage on the cover of the trade paper back. Any way moving on Savage Dragon is now being reprinted in very affordable archive versions the bad news is they are in black and white. I hate black and white, but i really want to catch up on my Savage Dragon so i will have to deal. I just finished volume one of the archive series and I can't wait for to send the second volume, but not enough to skip out on the free shipping that takes forever and a day, sorry Dragon I am really cheap. If you like butt kicking in your comics as much as I do then pick this up. There are all kinds of cool adversaries like big spiders and guys made out of leaches. For those new to Savage Dragon, he is a cop, well a super cop think Superman with a badge and a dragon fin, oh and green skin. He is the only cop with super human abilities fighting against a city over run with super powered freaks, needless to say he is a little out numbered, but a merry band of misfit vigilantes lend him a hand in cleaning up the streets. The washer stopped, time to toss the clothes in the dryer and hit the sheets, until next time and remember to support indy comics!


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