Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Half Time Report.

Sweet it’s Super Bowl Sunday, oh wait I’m not a basketball fan so I don’t care. The only thing more exciting would be the NFL’s Final Four. So I guess I will root for the home team or something. At least I’m not one of those morons that says “I only watch it for the commercials” those people are borderline mentally handicapped. Any other day of the year they would be pitching a fit because they’re favorite show Survivor was interrupted for some lame commercial, but not Super Bowl day, oh no that day the commercials become more important than the show itself. To quote Andy Milonakis “the Super Bowl is gay.” I don’t know what’s worse, guys dog-piling all over each other in skin tight paints or Prince, um the artist, um Prince, whatever the fairy’s name is doing the half time show. It’s pretty sad that the most memorable moments of past Super Bowls are the commercials and some two-dollar skank’s breast getting past the television sensors. Well that’s my half time report, so long and good night.


Anonymous justareader said...

are you alive?
update us on your life.
weren't you dating someone?

12:00 AM

Blogger JB said...

there i updated just for you, i hope your stinkin happy!

12:01 AM


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