Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just Another Year!

The New Year has started, ok I realize it started almost a month ago, but I haven’t posted since Christmas. The funny thing about this New Year is it seems like an extension of last year, at least to me anyway. I don’t make stupid resolutions for things I want to try and change every year. For those who do I am not knocking you, please don’t take it like that, I just have to do the opposite of what everyone else does, it’s my nature. Enough about that crap lets do a movie review since someone posted that it needed to be done.

Movie review of the year, I say year because who knows when I will find time to do another one.

The movie is Crank staring Jason Statham the guy from The Transporter. This movie starts of with Chev (Statham) waking up in his apartment and watching a dvd that was left for him to inform him that he had been poisoned. The premise of the film is that he only has a certain amount of time before the poison kills him, and he intends to use that time to seek revenge on anyone involved in poisoning him. Just like his other films Statham kicks major butt and saves the girl who is played by Amy Smart, but with one catch he dies at the end. This movie rocked an I would have to give it 10 speeding bullets out of 10.
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