Saturday, August 19, 2006


I have collected comics most of my life, but I never really got into reading them that much, until recently. I know what you are thinking why would I bother buying comics if I wasn’t going to read them, well my response would be I love the art. I always wanted to be able to draw like some of the great comic artists of the modern era, like Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, and Josh Howard. As of late I can’t seem to put some series’ down, Girls from Image Comics is one of those titles. Girls is about a girl that is obviously from another planet that lands on Earth in some hick town, yes I realize that is quite cliché, but the story is crazy good! This girl breads with a human, not like the almost porn species flick, anyway she lays a crap load of eggs that hatch in an unbelievably fast rate and try to kill all the town’s women. Why? I have no clue I’m not that far in the series, but I would assume it is some dominance thing about killing the competition. There are too trade paper backs out that collect the first eleven or twelve issues, so if you are interested in reading the series you won’t have to try and track down the sold out early issues.


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