Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Adam Carson Story

This post is going to be one of the few direct from the heart. Most of you that know me well have probably heard me mention a high school friend of mine by the name of Adam Carson. Adam and I met in 8th grade at St. Mary’s catholic school in warren. Like most great friendships ours started off with us not liking each other. I told Carson that I didn’t care for one of his friends because he was a jerk and liked to act like he was hard, not to mention he threw Carson down the stairs once. He told this kid what I thought of him and that led to a confrontation I really didn’t feel like dealing with. Thank God I was given the gift of B.S. and managed to talk my way out of being thrown down a flight of steps myself. For most of 8th grade we didn’t interact with each other that much, we had the occasional plot to cause mischief, but that was it. When we graduated 8th grade, that’s right graduated, why is there a big celebration for graduating 8th grade anyway? It’s not like school is over, St. Mary’s threw a big bash, maybe the faculty was just happy to get rid of some of my friends and I.

High school is where Adam and I became good friends, there was this one science teacher named Mrs. Grunenwald that Carson and I loved to tick off. That science class was a lot of fun. Carson and I met our not so unwanted third wheel in that class, a kid named Keith Chance, together we were a force to reckon with. I would like to think that we made several teachers hate us and love us at the same time. We didn’t do things that were meant to inflict harm on teachers or students, we were just out to have some fun. This one day in science class Mrs. Grunenwald or Mrs. G. as most of us called her had just got some expensive glass thing-a-ma-bobber and was telling the class about it. She set it down on her desk and Carson started chanting “it’s gonna fall” over and over. Mrs. G. never once looked back to see if it was really going to roll off the desk, she new Carson was full of crap most of the time, but this time he was right. That very expensive glass thing fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. Of course our trio of mischief makers started laughing, Mrs. G. who was known to be quite emotional in the tear department, quickly fled out the door to relieve her tear ducks.

Adam, Keith, and I racked up quite a large amount of detentions during our high school careers. I remember one time all three of us worked in the cafeteria, we got whatever we wanted for free, so I came up with this idea to put gobstoppers in our long sleeve button-up shirts that were part of the school uniform. Then when we walked up the steps we would let all the gobstoppers fall out of out shirt sleeves all over the stairs and hallway. It was hysterical, and none of the teachers could figure out who was doing it since we concealed the boxes in our shirts. After doing the gobstopper trick for about a week this one psycho teacher ran out of his room as he heard the gobstoppers bouncing down the hall way and gave everyone who was in the hallway detention. Mr. Belts told us that if we told him who did it he would take everyone’s detention away except for the individual that threw the candy. Adam was the only one that threw candy that day, I had a bad feeling that our luck was running out on performing that trick, so I decided not to participate. I had no problem with serving a detention for Carson, heck I would have probably served an in-school suspension for the kid. Mike didn’t fell the same way, mike was one of the people that got a detention for being in the hallway, he was an ok kid, but didn’t like Carson that much, so when we all left Mr. Belts’ classroom he ratted out Carson. This put Mike on our radar, he crossed us once, the next time would mean payback. Mike just didn’t know when to leave well enough alone, he super glued Keith’s locker shut. No one messed with our crew like that without paying for it. That incident led to the ex-lax chocolate covered pretzels story that no doubt all of you that know me have heard at least once. For those of you that haven’t heard that story allow me to bring you up to speed. Keith and I when shopping after school the day the locker got glued for ex-lax, chocolate, and pretzels. I took the stuff home and made a batch of special pretzels to give to Mike. We just had to find someone he trusted to give them to him, Jeff was a perfect candidate, because we had a bond with him and Mike liked him. I gave Carson the extra ex-lax Pretzels to give to anyone he wished, he gave one girl about 16 times the normal dose of ex-lax one is supposed to ingest. He gave a Nun one, and lots of other kids too.

There are so many funny memories that involve Carson, he was extremely funny and could make any teacher want to drink his/her lunch. One teacher in general hated Adam, Mrs. Cortese despised him and to this day I still don’t understand why. One day Carson walked into computer class and told her that she looked good and made some other complements, she freaked out and left the room. When she came back she brought Mr. Hoover an English teacher and he escorted Carson out of the class. Adam was given two choices that day, one leave John F. Kennedy High School or be expelled. He chose to leave on his own terms rather than be held back a year for expulsion. He went to a different school and I didn’t get to see him that much. Keith and I formed a new click that we called the A.S.S. clan, I have no clue what the heck that stands for any more, but the group was comprised of about ten kids that all had one thing in common, mischief. The Clan was responsible for lots of pranks, one time we got a hold of about 200 bouncy balls and in-between classed we threw them every where they were bouncing all over the place hitting kids in the face, it was a mess. Graduation day finally came and I was glad to be leaving school but I missed Carson not being there to graduate with.

I started college at Kent State Trumbull and after a few semesters I ran into Carson in the hall. I about dropped a duce in my paints, I had not seen him in about a year. It was great getting to hang out with him when I was on campus, but I soon dropped out of college and never saw him again. My mom was at some fund raiser type event and recognized one of the speakers’ names, it was Adam Carson, he was talking about how he was resurrecting his life after being addicted to crack and other hard drugs. When she told me I was shocked, I mean I new Carson liked to smoke pot, and I heard that he was trying some other stuff, but I never thought he would be a crack addict. I asked her to try and find out how I could get in contact with him, but I didn’t pursue anything. My mom came into work a few days ago and handed me a news paper, it was an article about Carson, he had robbed a bank for drug money and was on the run. My heart about exploded in my chest, all I could think about was what if I would have got in contact with Carson, could I have some how prevented this from happening? I could have been a positive influence on him and I just didn’t do anything to try to contact him. His mom turned him in a few days after he robbed the bank, and now he is awaiting trial. According to the news he is facing around 12 years in the slammer.


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