Thursday, May 11, 2006

BMV Diane vs Cookie Monster

Round 1.

Cookie Monster strikes the first blow with a button hook to the face. Diane seems to be mounting a comeback as she performs some ballerina tap dancing maneuver yet to be named. Cookie Monster is giving her the Mike Tyson treatment, wait special guest referee Barney the dinosaur is breaking them up. Cookie Monster has just grabbed a cookie jar from under the ring apron, Oh my gosh he just smashed it in Diane’s face. She is bleeding quite profusely, and that’s the end of round one. Let’s check with Barney to see who has won the first round. Cookie Monster is the winner of round one; will he be able to keep the lead? Let’s find out.

Round 2.

Diane is eating a bag of soft batch cookies. Much like when Popeye eats spinach, when Diane consumes cookies she becomes a force to reckon with. HOLY CRAP, she has just bitten Cookie Monster’s head off! Well folks that was a quick round, it appears that BMV Diane has claimed the victory today over the now deceased lovable Cookie Monster.

Diane will now move on up the ladder to her next opponent, Lion-O, Lord of The Thundercats. Tune in next time as the battle wages on in the Ultra Ultimate Ultimate Showdown.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

C is for cookie and I have defeated the Cookie Monster bring on Lion O, The Lord of Thunder Cats, because he will be running with his tail between his legs and I will survive and have to eat a few more cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:47 PM

Blogger JB said...

Lion-O has no tail, with that being said you will DIE!

12:55 PM


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