Thursday, May 11, 2006

BMV Diane vs Cookie Monster

Round 1.

Cookie Monster strikes the first blow with a button hook to the face. Diane seems to be mounting a comeback as she performs some ballerina tap dancing maneuver yet to be named. Cookie Monster is giving her the Mike Tyson treatment, wait special guest referee Barney the dinosaur is breaking them up. Cookie Monster has just grabbed a cookie jar from under the ring apron, Oh my gosh he just smashed it in Diane’s face. She is bleeding quite profusely, and that’s the end of round one. Let’s check with Barney to see who has won the first round. Cookie Monster is the winner of round one; will he be able to keep the lead? Let’s find out.

Round 2.

Diane is eating a bag of soft batch cookies. Much like when Popeye eats spinach, when Diane consumes cookies she becomes a force to reckon with. HOLY CRAP, she has just bitten Cookie Monster’s head off! Well folks that was a quick round, it appears that BMV Diane has claimed the victory today over the now deceased lovable Cookie Monster.

Diane will now move on up the ladder to her next opponent, Lion-O, Lord of The Thundercats. Tune in next time as the battle wages on in the Ultra Ultimate Ultimate Showdown.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

C is For Cookie! aka The Ultra Ultimate Ultiamte Showdown part 1

Ok this deserves some explanation, Diane is someone I work with at the BMV and I love to make her mad. She loves cookies as much if not more that Cookie Monster. The story starts off like so, Cookie Monster met Diane while he was getting his drivers license renewed. He saw that she had a cookie next to her computer, like the incredible hulk when he gets angry, Cookie Monster transformed into a raving cookie maniac and stole Diane’s cookie. Thus waging a battle of epic proportions, Diane the meanest BMV employee this side of the galaxy VS C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me Cookie Monster. (Mortal combat music plays in the background) as these two begin to face off in the worst cookie war this planet has ever seen! One shall stand one shall fall! Tune in next time for the dramatic conclusion. Same cookie place same cookie hyper-link.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wow I Have No Life!

I had nothing better to do today than think about what G.I.JOE's do when they are not saving the world. They have all kinds of high tech gadgets at their disposal, they must come up with new ways to make fuel or other economical advances. Lets check in with Outback and see what he is doing when he's not in the outback.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Well Easter Is Over.

The Man my Savior Jesus Managed to pull of a resurrection in 3 days, but for us mere mortals it takes a little long to resurrect our lives. With that being said I'm BACK! and as i said before not better than ever. I think I reached level 7 nerd a few weeks ago when i enjoyed Eureka 7 an anime. Speaking of nerds tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY so go to your local comic shop and score free comcis. Well I kept things short and sweet like a Hershey's Miniature, Peace I'm out of here.