Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yes another new post!

Hey it’s a new year and an all new blog, well maybe the new year part is true. This blog will continue to be the lamest blog on the net, I do have a reputation to uphold you know! So I really have nothing to say other than this fufu berry Jones Soda rocks! If only blogs worked like late night tv shows, you say how great a product is and then the next day you get a case full of said product. Ok, that being said this is your chance ceo Peter van Stolk to once again go against the grain, and do something different and send free stuff to those who gladly promote your product on their cheesy blogs. With ups ground shipping I estimate the packages time of arrival to be about next Monday. Oh, and by the way my favorite flavors are Blue Bubblegum, Fufu Berry, Strawberry Lime, and Berry Lemonade. I haven’t tried Tangerine, Vanilla Cola, Crushed Melon, and Watermelon, so please feel free to include a bottle of each of those flavors. Thanks Peter you’re the Man!


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