Monday, January 16, 2006

A Vegetarian In Meat-Land

Today was somewhat boring. I didn’t do much of anything; I thought I was going to do some work on this house I am fixing up to sell, but that fell through. I did manage to get some grocery shopping done. While I was there I got to flirt with this hot girl that works at the meat counter. Only bad thing is, I have no business being at the meat counter since I don’t eat meat I can’t really have a purpose to be at the counter. So I didn’t get to stay long since there were hungry carnivores behind me. And now you moment of Zen.

Song Currently Stuck In My Head

Last Tuesday – All These Things

All these things we justify them and we redraw the lines
Will it ever end?
Compromise the days behind us, let the lessons go
Will it ever end?
Take it away, take everything, take all the things, that got us here
(forget the cost, forget the loss, forget yourself)
They've been replaced
Don't condescend, that will offend, and in the end
What's there to say (another day, that slips away...
you know you let it get away)
It's all gone
All these things (we let them slide)
Hold soft again, let others in, ease up
and then there is no room, for where we began
We separate, and seal the fate, of those to come
We'll ask how (we're gonna find ourselves alone...we've lost it all)
We got this lost
Let it slide, and don't deny
All these things we compromise
(All these things we let them slide...compromise)


Anonymous Karriane said...

veggiboy. haha. I love surprise visits at work! It made my day esp. since I wasnt having the best day. GB JB haha

8:58 PM

Blogger JB said...

aw, im glad i made your day.

11:43 AM


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