Thursday, January 26, 2006


February is just around the bend. You know what that means, Valentines Day! This is the holiday of love, or if you are single the holiday you loath. That’s ok, you can hate the holiday, but if you want to meet that special someone this time around I have a plan for you. Jones Soda has come out with a new flavor just for the holiday, called Love Potion #6. My plan is this, hurry and order a pack of the Love Potion # 6, then go out to the nearest store that sells Jones Soda and pick up a bottle of Fufu Berry soda. Carefully remove the label from the Love Potion #6, then carefully remove the label from the Fufu Berry soda. Then put the Fufu Berry label onto the Love Potion #6, return to the store were you bought the Fufu Berry soda and return it. Then wait by the cooler for the next girl/guy that goes to buy Jones Soda, if you think that person is attractive entice her/him to try the Fufu Berry soda. Once she/he has tried the soda the Love Potion #6 will take affect and she/he will be yours forever. I however will be celebrating the holiday with someone who has managed to steal a piece of my heart, Karriane.


Anonymous Karriane said...

I cant believe you put my picture up there lol.


11:53 PM

Blogger JB said...

i kinda borrowed it from your website.

11:55 PM

Anonymous Karriane said...

ya i know.

12:11 AM


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