Sunday, January 29, 2006

Titles Are Meaningless!

Just got home from church, it was awesome. We had a guest speaker today by the name of Rev. Larry Hutton. For those of you that know me don’t give me credit for remembering his name, I had to look it up on Anyway he preached about a topic that I was always taught to be true, but as he used the bible to prove his point, it became clear that he knew what he was talking about. I was very skeptical at first since I was taught the opposite of what he was saying. The topic was when did Jesus take on all of our sickness and curses and redeem us from them. If you are like me you have been told that by stripes of Jesus you are healed. Rev. Larry Hutton showed through various scriptures that Jesus took on our curses when he hung on the cross, which is true, so if he didn’t let himself be subjected to curses before he hung on the cross, he couldn’t have let the curse of illness into his body while he was being beaten and whipped before he was nailed to the tree. It isn’t a huge deal as far as being healed goes, because being healed comes from believing that Jesus redeemed you from sickness which is believed either way.

Movie review of the week

Yes I said week, I know I used to do these all the time and as of late I have done about .09 movie reviews per month. So to the one person who actually reads this stupid site for the movie reviews, this one’s for you. Last night Karriane I watched the movie Flightplan with "nay kay chickabee" Jodie Foster. For those of you that didn’t get that little reference before her name, the movie Nell sucked, look mom two movie reviews in one! Ok, back on topic this movie was about a little girl disappearing on a plane while her mother was asleep on the same plane. There are approximately sixty people on this flight, and when the kid comes up missing they all say they never saw her get on the plane. That’s almost believable; come on no one saw her, please. Finally after a wasting a ton of time looking for the girl it is revealed that one of the crew and a airplane marshal have kidnapped the girl and are trying to make Jodie Foster’s character Mrs. Kyle seem crazy in order to say that she has taken the plane hostage and wants ransom money. Mrs. Kyle helps design planes, so with that knowledge she finds her daughter after everyone gets off the plane thinking that she is lying about the girl and just using her to set up the ransom. It boils down to a conspiracy, but with all the stuff that went on that I didn’t mention there must have been a lot of people involved that didn’t get blown up or arrested at the end of the film. So I give this movie 4 exploding planes out of 10. That being said I would gladly watch any and all crappy movies as long as that means spending time with Karriane.

Song currently stuck in my head
Freshmen 15: Social Humiliation

first day of my senior year can this get any better
khaki pants and a collared shirt underneath my sweater
i've got my arm around what happens to be the hottest girl in school you see
i'm the captain of the football team
the definition of cool, yeah, that's me
a small boy walks up and asks if there's a moment that he can have
he asks if i know Jesus, and my friends begin to laugh
at the risk of social humiliation, i pass an uneasy grin
i walk away as he says let me tell you something, my friend

you laugh at me, but i cry for you
what will it take to see the truth
and it's not too late to beg you please
as i cry on bended knee

the class bell begins to ring, but i stand here frozen
they were laughing, now they're leaving classroom doors are closing
all of a sudden it hits me that Jesus really died for me
how could i reject it, i'd be crazy not to accept it
at the risk of social humiliation, i realize there's no other way
swallow my pride, hit my knees, close my eyes as i begin to pray

i tried to tell you, you seem to never listen
i cried to show you, just once won't you please listen
i laughed at you, but You still died for me
the truth is clear and now i see
and, God, if it's not too late i beg you please
as i cry, oh as i cry


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