Sunday, January 15, 2006

They Have Rent-A-Shoes!

Just got home from another wonderful date! I got my butt beat in the first game of bowling, but I managed to mount a comeback. I won the second round, and barely the third. I would say more but I am a little tired, and need to get some sleep.

Song currently stuck in my head...

Spoken- In Dreams

There have been so many times I’ve questioned if You were even listening
If You even cared about what’s going on in my life
And now I know because
Heaven opened wide
and I could see the glory of God shining through my clouds of doubt
Shining through this hell that I’ve made
In my dreams I sometimes see You watching over me, protecting me
My own will gets in the way of stepping from this hell that I’ve made
I can hear You now
I can hear You calling
I can feel You now
Your hand upon my shoulder


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