Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hockey Pucks and Tow Trucks!

Well I just got home from the Steelhounds hockey game that I didn’t get to see! That’s right I went to the game but didn’t get to watch it, why? You ask. Because they sold out of tickets which never happens but for some reason tonight was a sell out night. Ok so I was a little perturbed about the ticket situation, I really wanted to see some fights tonight. After all a hockey game is practically guaranteed to have at least one fight break out. So I started the walk back to the car, oh this is where the story gets juicy. You see when we arrived at the game there were not many spots left, and the 3rd grade educated parking lot attends made us park in the dirt in the middle of know where. Not only was it in the dirt, but surrounded by massive dirt and rock piles. Ok so back to the walking back to the car part, so as we get closer, we being my family and I, we notice that the entrance that we came in through had cars parked in it. After finding out that we couldn’t get tickets we then find out we can’t even leave the stupid parking lot because some rocket scientist of the parking cars association of Moronville parked cars to block in about twenty other cars. By this point I’m starting to get a little upset, the game just started and it is going to last about three hours, I will go crazy sitting trapped in a parking lot for ten minutes let alone a few hours. So my uncle and I talk to a police officer about the situation and he says we need to find one of the geniuses that parks the cars. After about half an hour or so we find one of said geniuses and he tells us to go get a beer and then come back when the game is over. At this point I am about to lose it, I can only take so much and to be told to go get trashed and not worry about being stuck in a parking lot, is really close to my breaking point. Well that guy was no help so time to find another parking expert. We do find another one, and he says he will call a tow truck to get the cars moved, since he claimed they didn’t pay to park there and they came after he left. There are a butt-load of cones at this place, you’re telling me none of the idiots thought it would be a good idea to block off the entrance once the lot was full? Sometimes I wonder how people even get a job. An hour passes and still no tow truck, now I am really mad, I am so mad that I shouldn’t even talk to anyone, for I am afraid I will say something I may have to repent for latter. My uncle talks to the guys again and they say that a tow truck is on the way, so finally like two hours later the tow trucks show up and move the cars out of the way so we can leave. Now that the whole ordeal is over with I’m glad that I didn’t yell at the parking people, and I had to thank God for getting us out before the game ended and caused even more chaos in the parking lot.

Song currently stuck in my head
Slick Shoes - Angel

Looking into your eyes I see all I want to be
And I don't want it to end
If I could only put into words the way I see you
I only know I have an angel with me now

And when I fall asleep your all that I see
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me
My angel without wings (My angel)

I wish you could see all that you mean to me
But I could never find the words to tell you

That when I fall asleep you're all that I see
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me
And when I fall asleep your all that I see.
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers.
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me.
My angel without wings.

and now your moment of zen!


Anonymous karriane said...

oo ooo oooo I love that song!

11:24 PM

Blogger JB said...

I love that song too, it makes me think of you.

11:56 PM

Anonymous meat girl haha said...

you always say the sweetest things.

4:52 PM


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