Sunday, January 29, 2006

Titles Are Meaningless!

Just got home from church, it was awesome. We had a guest speaker today by the name of Rev. Larry Hutton. For those of you that know me don’t give me credit for remembering his name, I had to look it up on Anyway he preached about a topic that I was always taught to be true, but as he used the bible to prove his point, it became clear that he knew what he was talking about. I was very skeptical at first since I was taught the opposite of what he was saying. The topic was when did Jesus take on all of our sickness and curses and redeem us from them. If you are like me you have been told that by stripes of Jesus you are healed. Rev. Larry Hutton showed through various scriptures that Jesus took on our curses when he hung on the cross, which is true, so if he didn’t let himself be subjected to curses before he hung on the cross, he couldn’t have let the curse of illness into his body while he was being beaten and whipped before he was nailed to the tree. It isn’t a huge deal as far as being healed goes, because being healed comes from believing that Jesus redeemed you from sickness which is believed either way.

Movie review of the week

Yes I said week, I know I used to do these all the time and as of late I have done about .09 movie reviews per month. So to the one person who actually reads this stupid site for the movie reviews, this one’s for you. Last night Karriane I watched the movie Flightplan with "nay kay chickabee" Jodie Foster. For those of you that didn’t get that little reference before her name, the movie Nell sucked, look mom two movie reviews in one! Ok, back on topic this movie was about a little girl disappearing on a plane while her mother was asleep on the same plane. There are approximately sixty people on this flight, and when the kid comes up missing they all say they never saw her get on the plane. That’s almost believable; come on no one saw her, please. Finally after a wasting a ton of time looking for the girl it is revealed that one of the crew and a airplane marshal have kidnapped the girl and are trying to make Jodie Foster’s character Mrs. Kyle seem crazy in order to say that she has taken the plane hostage and wants ransom money. Mrs. Kyle helps design planes, so with that knowledge she finds her daughter after everyone gets off the plane thinking that she is lying about the girl and just using her to set up the ransom. It boils down to a conspiracy, but with all the stuff that went on that I didn’t mention there must have been a lot of people involved that didn’t get blown up or arrested at the end of the film. So I give this movie 4 exploding planes out of 10. That being said I would gladly watch any and all crappy movies as long as that means spending time with Karriane.

Song currently stuck in my head
Freshmen 15: Social Humiliation

first day of my senior year can this get any better
khaki pants and a collared shirt underneath my sweater
i've got my arm around what happens to be the hottest girl in school you see
i'm the captain of the football team
the definition of cool, yeah, that's me
a small boy walks up and asks if there's a moment that he can have
he asks if i know Jesus, and my friends begin to laugh
at the risk of social humiliation, i pass an uneasy grin
i walk away as he says let me tell you something, my friend

you laugh at me, but i cry for you
what will it take to see the truth
and it's not too late to beg you please
as i cry on bended knee

the class bell begins to ring, but i stand here frozen
they were laughing, now they're leaving classroom doors are closing
all of a sudden it hits me that Jesus really died for me
how could i reject it, i'd be crazy not to accept it
at the risk of social humiliation, i realize there's no other way
swallow my pride, hit my knees, close my eyes as i begin to pray

i tried to tell you, you seem to never listen
i cried to show you, just once won't you please listen
i laughed at you, but You still died for me
the truth is clear and now i see
and, God, if it's not too late i beg you please
as i cry, oh as i cry

Thursday, January 26, 2006


February is just around the bend. You know what that means, Valentines Day! This is the holiday of love, or if you are single the holiday you loath. That’s ok, you can hate the holiday, but if you want to meet that special someone this time around I have a plan for you. Jones Soda has come out with a new flavor just for the holiday, called Love Potion #6. My plan is this, hurry and order a pack of the Love Potion # 6, then go out to the nearest store that sells Jones Soda and pick up a bottle of Fufu Berry soda. Carefully remove the label from the Love Potion #6, then carefully remove the label from the Fufu Berry soda. Then put the Fufu Berry label onto the Love Potion #6, return to the store were you bought the Fufu Berry soda and return it. Then wait by the cooler for the next girl/guy that goes to buy Jones Soda, if you think that person is attractive entice her/him to try the Fufu Berry soda. Once she/he has tried the soda the Love Potion #6 will take affect and she/he will be yours forever. I however will be celebrating the holiday with someone who has managed to steal a piece of my heart, Karriane.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Long Weekend

I have had one busy weekend, first my van broke down because the battery died. So I had to get that replaced on Friday. Saturday I managed to take my beautiful girlfriend Karriane out to lunch at Inner Circle Pizza. We tried the hot chips, which are homemade potato chips. They were awesome! Then after that I had to go to my office Christmas party, yes I know Christmas is over, but no one could go before then. We went to Station Square for dinner and then to see the Youngstown Steelhounds play some hockey. Then Sunday was kinda mellow, I went to church, bought some toys and took a well needed nap.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Vegetarian In Meat-Land

Today was somewhat boring. I didn’t do much of anything; I thought I was going to do some work on this house I am fixing up to sell, but that fell through. I did manage to get some grocery shopping done. While I was there I got to flirt with this hot girl that works at the meat counter. Only bad thing is, I have no business being at the meat counter since I don’t eat meat I can’t really have a purpose to be at the counter. So I didn’t get to stay long since there were hungry carnivores behind me. And now you moment of Zen.

Song Currently Stuck In My Head

Last Tuesday – All These Things

All these things we justify them and we redraw the lines
Will it ever end?
Compromise the days behind us, let the lessons go
Will it ever end?
Take it away, take everything, take all the things, that got us here
(forget the cost, forget the loss, forget yourself)
They've been replaced
Don't condescend, that will offend, and in the end
What's there to say (another day, that slips away...
you know you let it get away)
It's all gone
All these things (we let them slide)
Hold soft again, let others in, ease up
and then there is no room, for where we began
We separate, and seal the fate, of those to come
We'll ask how (we're gonna find ourselves alone...we've lost it all)
We got this lost
Let it slide, and don't deny
All these things we compromise
(All these things we let them slide...compromise)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

They Have Rent-A-Shoes!

Just got home from another wonderful date! I got my butt beat in the first game of bowling, but I managed to mount a comeback. I won the second round, and barely the third. I would say more but I am a little tired, and need to get some sleep.

Song currently stuck in my head...

Spoken- In Dreams

There have been so many times I’ve questioned if You were even listening
If You even cared about what’s going on in my life
And now I know because
Heaven opened wide
and I could see the glory of God shining through my clouds of doubt
Shining through this hell that I’ve made
In my dreams I sometimes see You watching over me, protecting me
My own will gets in the way of stepping from this hell that I’ve made
I can hear You now
I can hear You calling
I can feel You now
Your hand upon my shoulder

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hockey Pucks and Tow Trucks!

Well I just got home from the Steelhounds hockey game that I didn’t get to see! That’s right I went to the game but didn’t get to watch it, why? You ask. Because they sold out of tickets which never happens but for some reason tonight was a sell out night. Ok so I was a little perturbed about the ticket situation, I really wanted to see some fights tonight. After all a hockey game is practically guaranteed to have at least one fight break out. So I started the walk back to the car, oh this is where the story gets juicy. You see when we arrived at the game there were not many spots left, and the 3rd grade educated parking lot attends made us park in the dirt in the middle of know where. Not only was it in the dirt, but surrounded by massive dirt and rock piles. Ok so back to the walking back to the car part, so as we get closer, we being my family and I, we notice that the entrance that we came in through had cars parked in it. After finding out that we couldn’t get tickets we then find out we can’t even leave the stupid parking lot because some rocket scientist of the parking cars association of Moronville parked cars to block in about twenty other cars. By this point I’m starting to get a little upset, the game just started and it is going to last about three hours, I will go crazy sitting trapped in a parking lot for ten minutes let alone a few hours. So my uncle and I talk to a police officer about the situation and he says we need to find one of the geniuses that parks the cars. After about half an hour or so we find one of said geniuses and he tells us to go get a beer and then come back when the game is over. At this point I am about to lose it, I can only take so much and to be told to go get trashed and not worry about being stuck in a parking lot, is really close to my breaking point. Well that guy was no help so time to find another parking expert. We do find another one, and he says he will call a tow truck to get the cars moved, since he claimed they didn’t pay to park there and they came after he left. There are a butt-load of cones at this place, you’re telling me none of the idiots thought it would be a good idea to block off the entrance once the lot was full? Sometimes I wonder how people even get a job. An hour passes and still no tow truck, now I am really mad, I am so mad that I shouldn’t even talk to anyone, for I am afraid I will say something I may have to repent for latter. My uncle talks to the guys again and they say that a tow truck is on the way, so finally like two hours later the tow trucks show up and move the cars out of the way so we can leave. Now that the whole ordeal is over with I’m glad that I didn’t yell at the parking people, and I had to thank God for getting us out before the game ended and caused even more chaos in the parking lot.

Song currently stuck in my head
Slick Shoes - Angel

Looking into your eyes I see all I want to be
And I don't want it to end
If I could only put into words the way I see you
I only know I have an angel with me now

And when I fall asleep your all that I see
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me
My angel without wings (My angel)

I wish you could see all that you mean to me
But I could never find the words to tell you

That when I fall asleep you're all that I see
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me
And when I fall asleep your all that I see.
You're in my thoughts and all of my prayers.
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me.
My angel without wings.

and now your moment of zen!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Chh-chh-chh-chh hah-hah-hah-hah

Well it’s Friday the 13th which means I need to watch some Friday the 13th movies! Or I could go find a hockey mask and go knock on someone’s door, that would be fun! I will also need some coveralls and a knife, no wait a hatchet. Once I get my costume together I will then need to practice the sound effect that always plays while Jason is stocking his victims, chh-chh-chh-chh hah-hah-hah-hah, chh-chh-chh-chh hah-hah-hah-hah. I wonder if my neighbors would find that funny, they hate me now, why not just go all out and see how mad the will get. Well I really must go, I need to start watching Friday the 13th part 300, o wait I think we’re on part 700 now! Anyway here is your moment of Zen.

Chh-chh-chh-chh hah-hah-hah-hah

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Life and Times of Me!

Today I thought I would try something a little different with the blog-o-trash. I’m going to do a guide to how my day went, yes that means grab some coffee to stay awake, or if you have insomnia read this to fall asleep! Ok lets begin,

6:00 A.M. – The alarm wakes me up, I slap the snooze button, because I am not getting up this early.

6:08 A.M. – The alarm wakes me up yet again, why, why can’t the snooze work in ten minute intervolves? Who makes the rules on the stupid snooze time regulations? I am so going to smack the idiot that came up with the eight minute snooze. Ok, calm down, I need to get up in twenty-two minutes, must fall back asleep.

6:16 A.M. – Stupid alarm, I was almost asleep again. Only fourteen minutes of possible sleep left, must sleep, please just let me sleep a little more.

6:18 A.M. – Oh man, only twelve minutes left, come on sleep stupid sleep, what’s wrong with you why wont you just fall asleep!

The anticipation is killing you isn’t it? I can see you sitting on the edge of your seat, that’s why this little segment shall be to be continued! That’s right tune in tomorrow for the shocking conclusion of The Dreaded Alarm! Same Bat-time same Bat-site!

Warning this will not be continued tomorrow, please do not tune in, please do not leave hate mail complaining about the cliffhanger. Thank you and have a nice day!

Song Currently Stuck In My Head!

"Do Your Feet Hurt"

Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll?
If I had your number, you'd be getting a phone call
Can I leave you a message on your machine?
Letting you know that you're the bomb
And you blew up on me

Are you anxious to see me
After your next class?
Do you care when I tell you
Step around that broken glass?

Can I see you after you get out of school?
I won't even mind if you treat me cruel
Take a ride on my Vespa, I'll take you home
I'll climb up to your window and read you a poem

I know that you believe in the one true God above
And that's why you're waiting
For your one and only love
Do your feet hurt? Did you fall from heaven?
'Cause you've been running through
My mind all day
My mind don't mind

I don't know what to say or do
I can't eat when I'm with you
Goodnight sweetheart I gotta go
And you won't come to my next show?


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yes another new post!

Hey it’s a new year and an all new blog, well maybe the new year part is true. This blog will continue to be the lamest blog on the net, I do have a reputation to uphold you know! So I really have nothing to say other than this fufu berry Jones Soda rocks! If only blogs worked like late night tv shows, you say how great a product is and then the next day you get a case full of said product. Ok, that being said this is your chance ceo Peter van Stolk to once again go against the grain, and do something different and send free stuff to those who gladly promote your product on their cheesy blogs. With ups ground shipping I estimate the packages time of arrival to be about next Monday. Oh, and by the way my favorite flavors are Blue Bubblegum, Fufu Berry, Strawberry Lime, and Berry Lemonade. I haven’t tried Tangerine, Vanilla Cola, Crushed Melon, and Watermelon, so please feel free to include a bottle of each of those flavors. Thanks Peter you’re the Man!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm Back, don't hurry to get the party blowers or anything!

Ok so I’m back, I know I haven’t posted in forever. Mostly because of a computer problem, well I sent my pc to get fixed so now I’m using my pc from the 1950’s. I just got home from my first date with someone very special to me, hopefully she enjoyed it too. We went to the movies, yes I know that is very typical, but it’s Ohio what else is there to do? We saw The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. At first I was somewhat Leary of seeing this film, I thought it would be geared more towards children and to my surprise it actually wasn’t. The film was very good, but the company was better. Anyway this film gets 8 flying griffins out of 10.