Friday, September 30, 2005

Beep Beep!

I just went 24 hours without internet! There was a storm Thursday morning that took out part of a tree near my house; the tree fell on some power lines that happened to contain my cable internet line. As if taking a shower and getting ready for work in candle light wasn’t bad enough, when I came home from work I realized I had no internet. Now normally I probably wouldn’t have been that mad, but I was selling stuff on ebay and I needed to be able to answer potential buyers’ questions. I figured that I would just call the cable company and they would send someone out to fix it. After over two hours on hold I finally got to talk to a person. I was told that I had to be home so someone could come fix it, and that it couldn’t be done until Monday. Monday happens to be the night I work late, so that wasn’t going to work, after arguing with the guy on the phone for about twenty minutes he told me that he would schedule the fix for Monday and see if I had to be home. I really didn’t want to wait till Monday, that would be really hard, I contemplated fixing the problem myself I knew where the wire was that needed to be connected to my house. It was wrapped around a telephone pole, the only problem was that the wire would have to cross the street and I wasn’t sure how I was going to wrap it around the electrical wires without getting electrocuted. I came home today and I looked to see if the wire was still on the phone poll because I was in an, I don’t care mood and was willing to risk some electro-shock treatment, but much to my surprise there was no cable. After further investigation I noticed that the cable was hooked back up on my house. For those of you who say miracles don’t happen, you’re wrong! Once again my God has hooked me up phat like, by getting my internet connection back on line.


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Blogger JB said...

wow, as if junk mail wasn't bad enough, now i have to put up with it on my blog. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!

11:21 PM

Anonymous Karriane said...


God is good like that yo.

1:58 AM


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