Sunday, July 17, 2005

Truth Behind The War In Iraq!

I just got done hanging out with a friend of mine who was in the war in Iraq. He had some interesting things to say about why the U.S. was really there. I always thought it was an oil issue, but I was wrong. I didn’t mind being wrong when he told me that at least I didn’t believe the weapons of mass destruction lie that the rest of the flock bought. It turns out that counterfeit U.S. currency was being produced. My friend informed me that the war was to prevent the U.S. dollar from losing its value. I was a little skeptical at first until he told me that he and his fellow troops got to raid one of the presses and destroy it. He also told me that when Saddam Hussein was captured he had about million or more in U.S. currency. His platoon captured other people as well that were carrying large quantities of U.S. currency. At this point his story was starting to be believable, and then he added some more interesting facts that would further enforce the truth behind his statements. He said “why do you think the government has been changing all the money” and what he meant by that was, why has the government updated all the security features on its currency. My only response was, to make it harder to replicate. Now that I have been thinking about it more, I have realized that it wasn’t too long after the war started that the government started making the changes to its bills. The war began in 2003 according to most war related websites; the newly designed U.S. currency also began circulation in the year 2003. Coincidence, I think not!

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