Sunday, July 24, 2005

"say, Would You Like A Chocolate Covered Pretzel?"

Well it’s been two months since I added the counter on this site and its number is over three hundred. I would like to thank the 2 people that actual wanted to read the posts on this site, and the three hundred plus that came here by accident. So I figured I would share a story with you today from my high school days. Like to hear it, here it goes. I had a friend in high school get his locker super glued shut, yes as funny as that is I had nothing to do with it. Since he was a very close friend of mine I decided I would help him seek his revenged. I found out who it was and decided to make them a special batch of chocolate treats. My friend and I set out on a mission to the grocery store, in search of pretzels, Hershey bars, and of course exlax chocolate. Once the ingredients were collected a special batch of chocolate pretzels were made to insure the regularity of said locker super gluer. The pretzels contained approximately three to four times the suggested dosage of exlax, oops someone’s gonna get the poops! I went to school the next day with one bag of the exlax version, and one bag of normal chocolate covered pretzels just incase I need to convince someone they were safe. I met up with my friends and we began to pass them out. I made sure that the kid who glued my friends locker shut got one, but one of my other friends decided to give one girl he really didn’t like four of the exlax pretzels. That’s not all; he also gave a teacher one and another kid three of them. I thought for sure the people that ate large quantities would have to get their stomachs pumped and that I was going to get expelled. Thank God no one was seriously ill, the one girl that ate four and the boy who ate three didn’t come to school the next day. I talked to the boy when he came back to school since he was somewhat my friend and asked him why he wasn’t at school. He told me every time he ate something he would have to rush to the bathroom and “drop a deuce.” I could hardly contain my laughter, for I knew why he was sick, but couldn’t let on. As time went by, most of the school found out about the pretzels, and some of the teaching staff, but I never got in any trouble over the matter. Well that’s my little story I hope you booger picking, finger painters’ enjoyed this, and remember don’t try this at school, I’m what you would call a professional.

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