Saturday, July 02, 2005

Satan = Gay

Satan wins again; it seems that Spain has legalized gay marriages. Ok, if you are not yet looking for the barf bag conveniently located in the seat pocket in front of you, maybe this will make you scurry. The bill, passed 187 to 147, it says couples will have the same rights, including the freedom to marry and to adopt children, regardless of gender. Sssuper thanks for giving them the right to corrupt children. I realize that they are people too, and I don’t dislike them I dislike the sin they are living in. My heart goes out to the kids that will be brought into the unnatural lifestyle that homosexuals live. What happens when the birds and the bees talk comes, well little Johnny when a man sees another man that he finds attractive, they get a gay marriage and etc. Little Johnny is going to have some serious emotional issues, and since kids idolize their parents, he will want to be just like his dads or moms or whatever the heck they will call themselves. Studies already show that children that grow up in a home with out a father are more likely to break the law, so what happens when the child grows up with to men that act like girls? Society is crazy, I can’t wait till Jesus comes back, I’m sick of this filthy world, it’s time for bath, bring on that Godly detergent.

straight pride!


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