Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Why is a hamburger called a hamburger not a beefburger or something referencing a cow. This question keeps me awake at night, yes I am a vegetarian, but still I can’t sleep over this meaty question. There is no pig in a hamburger but yet ham is a reference to pig meat, what were the people thinking when they came up with the name? Were they mental intuition cafeteria workers, or maybe they were lobotomized chefs. Either way I’m guessing they were a few french-fries short of a happy meal. If you know the answer to this stupid question, feel free to post it on this stupid site.

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Blogger Silver said...

I'm pretty sure it's because modern hamburgers originated in Hamburg, German.

P.S. Tofu is abominable

12:23 PM

Blogger JB said...

thanx for the answer, and tofu rocks! put some tofu in your stir fry, it's like heaven. mmmmmmmmmm drooling now!

12:49 PM


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