Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Poser-riffic Sheep of The U.S.A.

I waited on a kid at the BMV the other day who was getting a permit to drive. He was wearing one of those Lance Armstrong type bracelets, it was green and was for supporting organ donation. One of the questions I have to ask is, would you like to be and organ doner?, the kid responded with a quick and disgusted NO! Now why in the heck would you wear something that supports organ donation and then say no to being an organ doner? I'll tell you why, you're a poser, you thought you were cool wearing your little green bracelet which is a color that few have. I don't think that there is anything wrong with wearing the bracelet, but you have to support what it stands for, that is only common sense. So to the Sheep of the U.S.A. stop following the flock and quit being a poser, stand for something and commit to it.

thats spanish for donate life.


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