Sunday, June 26, 2005

Leading Experts Say!

Do you ever wonder why every time there is a shark attack, the so called “experts” say “the attack was rare, with no history of shark attacks in the immediate area.” What the crap is that, it’s the freaking ocean, sharks live there they attack stuff all the time! Just because a person hasn’t been attacked in that area doesn’t mean that sharks do not go to that restaurant for food. How about this one, “local officials are puzzled why the shark attacked” what do you mean you are puzzled? Let me give you a crash course in that habitual nature of a shark, one: they eat things, two: they eat things, oh and don’t forget 3: they eat things. Think of sharks like little kids with candy, if you put candy in front of a 5 year old, the kid isn’t going to think twice about eating it. The same goes for sharks, if you put food in front of it, the food is going to get eaten. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for the victims and the families of shark attacks, but I am sick of people treating these incidents like there is some big shock that a shark ate someone. I would like to send the experts a post card from Vanna White with a freaking clue on it, clue #1, sharks live in the ocean and the eat things, if you go into the ocean you might get eaten. I would like to thank the academy of science for the award of scientific breakthrough of the year, thank you very much.


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