Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Child's Play

Well after a few weeks of keeping his child kissing lips shut Michael Jackson has something to say. "Without God, my children, my family and you, my fans, I could not have made it through," Jackson wrote in the signed note. "Your love, support and loyalty made it all possible. You were there when I really needed you. I will never forget you. Your ever-present love held me, dried my tears and carried me through. I will treasure your devotion and support forever. You are my inspiration." Funny I thought the sight of a little boy’s butt was his inspiration. Ok so the jury acquitted him of all the charges, big deal the jury also said O.J. was innocent. Let’s take a look at some pictures of America’s favorite pop star Michael Jackson.

Soon MJ will be like a Mr. Potatohead, He will be able to pick a different face every morning!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Leading Experts Say!

Do you ever wonder why every time there is a shark attack, the so called “experts” say “the attack was rare, with no history of shark attacks in the immediate area.” What the crap is that, it’s the freaking ocean, sharks live there they attack stuff all the time! Just because a person hasn’t been attacked in that area doesn’t mean that sharks do not go to that restaurant for food. How about this one, “local officials are puzzled why the shark attacked” what do you mean you are puzzled? Let me give you a crash course in that habitual nature of a shark, one: they eat things, two: they eat things, oh and don’t forget 3: they eat things. Think of sharks like little kids with candy, if you put candy in front of a 5 year old, the kid isn’t going to think twice about eating it. The same goes for sharks, if you put food in front of it, the food is going to get eaten. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for the victims and the families of shark attacks, but I am sick of people treating these incidents like there is some big shock that a shark ate someone. I would like to send the experts a post card from Vanna White with a freaking clue on it, clue #1, sharks live in the ocean and the eat things, if you go into the ocean you might get eaten. I would like to thank the academy of science for the award of scientific breakthrough of the year, thank you very much.


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Friday, June 24, 2005

Toilet Paper With Pictures

I told Kekkyojin i would post this like a week ago. Better late than never, well maybe never was ok too, since i hate this drawing. Her head is big and from the looks of things she hasn't had any milk for the last year. Let the comments come, don't consider my feelings, I hate everything I have ever drawn, so say your worst.

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Thundercats HOOOOOOOOOO!

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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Well i bought a van, why you ask? I need it for work and the winter, but it is going to make a nice car to use for the annual Chicago trip to the toy and comic convention. This ugly Grampa car is going to hold a Butt-load of He-Man toys! This is not the actual van but a picture of one just like it. I am to lazy to take a picture of mine and then upload it to the pc then upload it to the web, just typing all that was a task. Any way here is a photo of the new pimp-wagon, so X to the Z Xzibit eat you heart out over this fly ride.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Poser-riffic Sheep of The U.S.A.

I waited on a kid at the BMV the other day who was getting a permit to drive. He was wearing one of those Lance Armstrong type bracelets, it was green and was for supporting organ donation. One of the questions I have to ask is, would you like to be and organ doner?, the kid responded with a quick and disgusted NO! Now why in the heck would you wear something that supports organ donation and then say no to being an organ doner? I'll tell you why, you're a poser, you thought you were cool wearing your little green bracelet which is a color that few have. I don't think that there is anything wrong with wearing the bracelet, but you have to support what it stands for, that is only common sense. So to the Sheep of the U.S.A. stop following the flock and quit being a poser, stand for something and commit to it.

thats spanish for donate life.