Monday, May 30, 2005

The Weekend

Well I’m back from P.A. and as I promised Max met his match. He was a fighter; it took three shots to bring the beast down. Max will be missed by his wife Judy, and his one-hundred-thirty-nine children, whose names I will not mention for the sake of time.

I didn't really do this to this chipmunk!


While I was trying to sleep in the cabin, my Grandmother kept turning the light on and off. To mess with her I acted like I was going to pull the plug out with my foot. She of course over reacted and got a glass of water and kept it close to her bed. Since the cabin is one big open space inside everyone pretty much sleeps in the same area, so it made it easy for me to try and steal the glass of water from her. I got under my sleeping bag and turn around on the bed so my arms would be able to reach the glass, but she thought I was going for the lamp plug. She grabbed the glass of water and poured it on me and my sleeping bad. This of course set me off, because I hate wet cloths with a passion, so I grabbed the glass out of her hand and dumped the rest on her bed. Thinking that the argument was finally over I tried to go back to sleep. My Grandmother decided to get a giant two gallon jug full of water and commence pouring what can only be descried as a waterfall on my bed. I took shelter under my sleeping bag to deflect as much water as I could, but the bed stated to get soggy so I jumped out and saw that my cell phone and bag of clothes were taking on water on the floor. I grabbed my stuff and said I hope you’re happy now, and left. Now I am really mad and it’s pitch black and I have to walk up a mountain to get to my car since I had to park at the top. I luckily had a tiny light on my keychain to guide me to my car.

Once I reached the car I thought my problems were over, I was going to jump in and drive home. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it seems my battery was dead, since I left my lights on. I was too angry to go back and ask someone for a jump and I surly didn’t want to ask my Grandmother for anything, that was simply out of the question, and the way I was parked maid it hard to get to my car. As I lay in my car and pondered, I came up with the idea to walk into town in the morning to buy a portable jump-starter. It was freezing cold in my car and I didn’t have any blankets or anything, but I had some button up shirts, so I buttoned them all together to make a makeshift blanket, take that Macgyver. I found the passenger seat to be somewhat comfortable, and fell fast asleep.

I awoke to the risen sun at 6:30 and set out on my journey into town to get a jump-starter. The walk was long and tiring, but at 8:00 I made it to the store only to find out that they were closed. Ok this was a breakdown moment, or so I thought, but I kept myself together. I felt like Tim Robbins character in The Shawshank Redemtion at the end, only instead of holding my hands up in the air with joy, it was the complete opposite. Realizing that you are stuck somewhere that you just want to get away from is hard and terrifying. The journey continued, as I walked back to my car but this time the road had more traffic and since the speed limit was 55 I decided to walk through the woods along side the road, but first I had to cross the six foot wide stream of water. I saw that rocks were sticking out of the water so I stepped on them to start across, but the rocks moved and I feel in, and the gatorade that I bought in town fell in to the current and was sucked down stream. “What the heck is with all the freaking water this weekend” I screamed, and jumped out of the water. I continued wet shoes tired and thirsty like crazy back to my stupid car. Half way back the rain began to fall, and my temper started to flair. I only got more enraged as I approached my car, since I knew that I was still stuck in the mountains. I opened the door and took a nap.
The sound of gun shots woke me up and made me surprisingly happy, because they were coming from a cabin that had a four-wheeler in front of it. I thought maybe that four-wheeler could jump my car and that would be my ticket out of the mountains. I asked the owner and he said he didn’t think that would work, but he would try and get his truck close enough to the car to jump it. He drove down to my car and sure enough he got close enough to my car and jumped it for me, I couldn’t thank him enough for it. I took off on my way home, driving faster than I have ever driven before. Then it hit me the spirit of God fell on me, my flesh fought it for about twenty miles. I stopped at a car wash and called my cousin who was at the cabin, just to make sure they were there and quickly ended the call without letting him know that I was coming back. I prayed the whole way knowing that God didn’t want me to leave with anger in my heart.

I reached the cabin and again my flesh acted up, I wanted to turn back and just go because I didn’t want to be the one to say I was sorry, but I had to. I walked into the cabin and my Grandmother looked at me in shock, I kicked my shoes off and gave her a big hug. With no words spoken I had peace in my heart and knew that the fighting was over as she said she loved me.


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