Friday, May 27, 2005

Death To All Rodent Kind!

I’m off to PA for the weekend, to kill rodents on this wonderful Memorial Day holiday. I will celebrate this redneck holiday like every other redneck, with a gun in one hand and a brew in the other, well a root beer anyway. My grandparents have a cabin down there, and to keep the place nice and vermin free, I must shoot some chipmunks, and the occasional porcupine. Meet my friend Max, the 4th brother of the famous Chipmunks. That’s right 4th brother, but Alvin convinced him to go after a peanut in a friendly trap, and he never got adopted by David Seville. He escaped death by chewing through the plastic for 21 days, half dead and striving he crawled out of the trap. He may of got a second chance at life, but he will meet his match this weekend.

Max the stunt chipmunk!


Blogger Weena said...

hey sorry that i may not know you but i was wandering through the blogs to see what others think of and what the other ones look like (to get ideas for my own) but any way i just wanted to say RIGHT ON!! and i agree with you but i do beleive that if the woman will die AND the child will die from carrying it or giving birth ONLY then do i think its ok other wise NO even if you get raped there are people who would like to adopt a newborn, well anyway thanks for hearing me

11:05 PM

Blogger JB said...

Thanx for the comment, i love to get feedback.

11:13 PM


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