Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Death To All Computers

This will be the darkest blog I have ever written, so be afraid to talk to me for a while. I got a playstation portable, psp for short, don’t get excited, it has brought me noting but pain and suffering. I wanted to be able to put movies on it, so I downloaded some programs to see what one worked best. After finding the one I wanted I deleted the stuff I didn’t need, and while I was deleting I thought why not free up some more space and delete some other stuff I don’t use. Now my computer doesn’t work right, it won’t burn dvds and my disk drives are acting funny. I gave my pc to a friend of mine and he fixed some of the problems, but it still won’t burn dvds. I need it to burn the dvds so I can put them on my psp. Burning a dvd compresses it which makes it smaller and then I can fit it on my psp, but I can’t do that right now because computer illiteracy runs through my veins. If that isn’t bad enough, I realized that I never needed to download any of the programs I deleted in the first place, I had one that would have worked the way I needed it to all along. Which means that I never would have started deleting stuff and would not be stuck with a stupid broken computer. I think that this picture best describes my feelings toward my computer, and yes those are bullet holes.

stupid pc Posted by Hello


Blogger Kekkyojin said...

HEY that was my old jerk i wondered where than went...well thanks for the link to post pix...for that i have linked you on my blog...feel loved :P

9:55 PM

Blogger JB said...

i really enjoyed destroying your pc kyle. thanx, for linking my stupid site on your blog. I hope you enjoy ur vacation, see you soon hoser.

9:19 PM


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