Monday, February 14, 2005

Don’t Mess With Trekkies

Well it is apparent by the comment posted on my last blog, that Trekkies aka Star Trek nerds take things very seriously. All I did was let the world in on an intergalactic conspiracy, and some obsessed fan-boy tells me that he hopes the Easter Bunny poops on me and I’m not even going to repeat the other phrase he used, feel free to read the comment if you must know. So my new goal on this crappy site is to prove to the world that Star Trek sucks, well at least this week anyway. The can of worms has been opened and war has been declared, watch out Trekkies here I come! Lets talk about stupid Klingons oh what a great race of bad guys right, wrong, they originated without the now famous face plate feature. So how does the face plate come into existence? I have no clue but I doubt that it was explained in depth in an episode. You can’t just change the design of a whole race in a show, that’s absurd. On to my next Trek bash, Captain Kirk is a male skank, he probably has at least four STD’s not found on planet Earth. He has the need to fornicate with everything that appears to be female. With plastic surgery being very advanced on Earth one can only imagine what is capable on other planets more advanced that ours, where am I going with this you might ask? Well what I am saying is that Kirk has probably been with a few dudes as well as women. I have it on good authority that Kirk and Scotty shared a moment together and the Easter Bunny made a guest appearance, well kind of, check out the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were you there when this picture was do we know this is not a picture of holograms or borg with cloaking active...i need more proof than a picture to believe such charges.

5:19 PM

Blogger JB said...

you need more proof, you want the truth, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! but i will give it to you anyway, Kirk is a brownie-Hound!

1:32 AM

Blogger porchwise said...

The original Star Trek was a great show but eventually even they ran out of good ideas. When computers added sophistication to the graphics, sets and characters it would have still been great but reuse of old plots and concepts just made it redundant. The younger generation became Star Wars fans. I was a big sci-fi book fan but with the passing of Asimov, Campbell and Orwell, sci-fi became redundant. Imagination, it seems, has been waylaid by the high tech generation.

12:44 PM


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