Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Love To Recycle Just As Much As The Next Guy, But This Is Crazy!

When you have three shows that take place within the same universe, you can not use actors in more than one show to play different characters. What am I talking about you ask? The C.S.I. television series’, at least three times I have seen the same actor or actress play more than one character. The funniest is the one guy who is in prison in Las Vegas, who somehow managed to be in Miami, but of course his name was different. Call me crazy, but I believe we associate faces with the character, meaning that it is hard to see one actor as two different people. So, this is a rant against the casting directors of C.S.I., what the heck is up with you people, the world is full of actors that would love to have a part on your show, there is no need to recycle actors. Ok, I said it now I feel better, well not really, but I got my point across to the two people that actually read this blog.


The movie of the night is Catwoman, I know right now you asking yourself should I just go to penny arcade, or should I read this movie review on a movie that I already know sucks butt. This movie is so lame, I think that the producers forgot they were making a live action film and used parts from Batman the animated series, that’s how bad some of the C.G.I. was. Anyway this review isn’t worth to much time and effort on my part since the movie was that bad, so without further a due, I give this movie 1 stinky litter box out of 10.


Blogger Silver said...

I watched that CSI show the other night and they showed brains. Real brains.
In conclusion, I will never let my elf children watch that show.

2:38 PM

Blogger JB said...

You know Silver, i looked on the net to see what and elf would eat, and learned that their favorite dish is brain. they like to eat it just like Hannibal Lecter, while the person is still alive. your kids will long for the brains, just like zombies.

11:40 PM


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