Friday, January 28, 2005

Buy My Megas XLR, So I Can Afford A Slushie!

Enter my world, after about 12 tries Bryan and I finally got the megas xlr dvds done. what a nightmare, the coversion problems seemed to never end, but now after a long week, we have sets on ebay, so all i can do now is beg people to buy them so i can purchase a mega slush! for those of you who don't no what megas xlr is, tune in to cartoon network on saturdays at 9pm, the show rocks. on a sad note, Johnny Carson past away this week, now i wasn't a hugh fan or anything, but i give the guy props, for letting Jay Leno take is spot instead of David Letterman, i think david sucks, so im gald Carson didn't pick him to take over. oh, and on a really ticked off, disapointed in the world and its ways note, you can now get tones for you phone from Jenna Jameson. why am i mad do you ask, well let me tell you, Jameson is a porn star, her tones that you can download are moans and various other noises. so now the next time some players stupid phone rings im gonna have to hear some stupid trailer trash skank's sinful moans. society sucks, it is hard enough avoiding things it throws at you, now you can't even hear without being slaped with sexual sin. i don't want to hear this crap, and i really don't want some poor little kid to have to hear that stuff, so i think i need to do something, but what can i do?


Blogger Kekkyojin said...

What can you do about the cell phone ring from hell...ZAP IT!!!! use the great little toy of yours

6:38 PM


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