Friday, January 28, 2005

Buy My Megas XLR, So I Can Afford A Slushie!

Enter my world, after about 12 tries Bryan and I finally got the megas xlr dvds done. what a nightmare, the coversion problems seemed to never end, but now after a long week, we have sets on ebay, so all i can do now is beg people to buy them so i can purchase a mega slush! for those of you who don't no what megas xlr is, tune in to cartoon network on saturdays at 9pm, the show rocks. on a sad note, Johnny Carson past away this week, now i wasn't a hugh fan or anything, but i give the guy props, for letting Jay Leno take is spot instead of David Letterman, i think david sucks, so im gald Carson didn't pick him to take over. oh, and on a really ticked off, disapointed in the world and its ways note, you can now get tones for you phone from Jenna Jameson. why am i mad do you ask, well let me tell you, Jameson is a porn star, her tones that you can download are moans and various other noises. so now the next time some players stupid phone rings im gonna have to hear some stupid trailer trash skank's sinful moans. society sucks, it is hard enough avoiding things it throws at you, now you can't even hear without being slaped with sexual sin. i don't want to hear this crap, and i really don't want some poor little kid to have to hear that stuff, so i think i need to do something, but what can i do?

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Love To Recycle Just As Much As The Next Guy, But This Is Crazy!

When you have three shows that take place within the same universe, you can not use actors in more than one show to play different characters. What am I talking about you ask? The C.S.I. television series’, at least three times I have seen the same actor or actress play more than one character. The funniest is the one guy who is in prison in Las Vegas, who somehow managed to be in Miami, but of course his name was different. Call me crazy, but I believe we associate faces with the character, meaning that it is hard to see one actor as two different people. So, this is a rant against the casting directors of C.S.I., what the heck is up with you people, the world is full of actors that would love to have a part on your show, there is no need to recycle actors. Ok, I said it now I feel better, well not really, but I got my point across to the two people that actually read this blog.


The movie of the night is Catwoman, I know right now you asking yourself should I just go to penny arcade, or should I read this movie review on a movie that I already know sucks butt. This movie is so lame, I think that the producers forgot they were making a live action film and used parts from Batman the animated series, that’s how bad some of the C.G.I. was. Anyway this review isn’t worth to much time and effort on my part since the movie was that bad, so without further a due, I give this movie 1 stinky litter box out of 10.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

mmm mmm Tastes Like Monday!

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my Funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday.

Wow can't believe i just used that song in a blog, next stop the gun shop, one bullet one gun please! OK, so it's Monday, does that mean i can't have any fun? Yes, Yes it does. I waited on a lot of old people today, I love old people i really do, I just don't like how slow they move or how long it takes them to process information. I realize one day I'm going to be that which i don't like, but i have a nice home picked out! I will not be a pain in societies butt, just the nursing homes, haha, depends here i come. I know I am going to be one of those crazy old people that have no clue who they are and where they are at, escape will be my daily ritual, what are they going to do put me in solitary? Nope, they will just give me a buttload of medication, oh no not that, all that the meds will do is make me forget even more, and make me sleep a lot, so basicly i will be acting like the old person i became. Ok I am done, two days in a row of blogging, is too much for me, so see you in a week. Peace, Love, and Soul Train!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

It Is The Year 2005!

I have waited close to 20 years to say that line, oh glorious day, "It is the year 2005." Had to say it one more time, for those of you who are scratching your heads, wondering what the heck I am talking about, the line comes from the greatest movie of all time, Transformers The Movie. What can be better that getting to say a line that took 20 years to mean something? Watching Megas XLR and seeing a Transformers parody of Unicron! If there is a soul left on the planet that hasn't got a chance to watch an episode of Megas XLR, i feel sorry for you. This show is the best cartoon of the 2000's, it is classic robot action meets Batman, the Adam West version that is. If you own a tv and get Cartoon Network, do yourself a favor and tune in to Megas XLR, you can thank me later.


Tonights movie is none other than Transformers The Movie. This epic cartoon classic brings a new generation of Transformers to the already great cast. this movie also ushers out the old and brings in the new. Prime i love you, when i saw this movie when i was like 5 i cried my heart out over the death of the beloved Autobot leader Optimus Prime. Prime gets replaced by the new Autobot Ultra Magnus, which sucks becasue we all know that Jazz or Bumblebee would have made a better leader, but justice is served when Magnus gets his butt handed to him in a fight with the redeco Megatron now called Galvatron. Galvatron was created by Unicron when Megatron was about to die he made a deal to get the matrix from the autobots and bring it to Unicron. Galvatron steals the matrix from Magnus and tries to kill Unicron with it, only problem is it can not be used by a decepticon. Hot Rod and the boys show up and Hot Rod unleashes the power of the matrix to light his darkest hour, and bam, upgrade, Rodimus Prime is born, the new leader of the Autobots destroys Unicron and takes his friends back to thier home planet of Cybertron for some oil ale. i give this movie 10 transformations out of 10.