Monday, November 15, 2004

Too Much Sugar!!!

Where do I begin, where do I end? I have no clue, but here goes nothing. I got up this morning and thanks to my wonderful grandparents I had a car to drive to work, thank you so very much. I went to work, but for some reason I was hyper, waiting on old ladies and being hyper just don’t mix. I would be finished with renewing their registrations and they would just be starting to make out the check. That’s not good, because then my mind starts to wander, I start looking out the windows to see if anyone else is coming in to get waited on, and before I know it the old lady is shoving a check in my face. I just couldn’t win, so I decided to lose, my temper that is with another coworker. I realize I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t expect others to be either. I’m going to have to work on that, because it has become a regular part of work, and that’s not how it should be. Tonight was our late night, wow I hate working till 6:30, especially when it gets dark at 4, I get sleepy when the sun goes down, work should end if it gets dark, that’s my new rule, I doubt that the state will except that rule though. I am sorry, but you are not going to get a Story Time session tonight, I have to space them out, I don’t want to run out of good ones in only a week, but the movie review is still here, and that’s all you need anyway.


Are you sick and tired of superhero movies? me neither. I simply can’t get enough that’s why I had to see the film The Incredibles. Pixar does an awesome job on this film I would have to say it’s their best film to date. I don’t think that they have done a bad film yet, wait, no they haven’t, it doesn’t come out till next year (Cars). When the worlds superhero’s are forced to go into hiding to avoid more court cases, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) takes a job as an insurance agent, break out the utility belt I’m sure it’s needed there! Unbeknown to his wife Elasticgirl (Holly Hunter) Mr. Incredible aka Bob has been secretly taking part in superhero missions for a top secret company. Do to a battle Mr. incredible’s super suit was in need of repair so he had an old friend make him a new one. When he turns up missing his wife Elasticgirl aka Helen notices his old suit has a repair on it, so she confronts his old friend to find out his location. She is informed of a tracking device located in his new super suit and is off with new duds of her own to find her husband. Her kids’ stowaway for the adventure and thus the Incredibles are born. Held captive by a new super villain named Syndrome (Jason Lee) its up to Elasticgirl to set Mr. Incredible free to save the world from catastrophic danger. Trust my you don’t want to miss this movie, take the kids they will love it, and that’s why it gets a 9 out of 10 super powers, i left out x-ray vision, because Mr. Incedible was looking at my underwear.


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