Thursday, November 11, 2004

Titleless no not Titleist the golf balls, get with the program

Today is pretty uneventful so far, it’s my day off thanks to Veterans Day. I woke up like half and hour ago and watched the rest of Shrek 2, since I feel asleep last night. I plan on doing nothing all day, ok I might eat something or get on ebay, I love ebay! If you guys like Monster Nation on the discovery channel, there is a marathon today so tune in Monster fans, sorry Big Shwag, not trying to put you out of a job or anything. Sorry to keep things short and sweet, but I have nothing to say since my day has just begun. However I will give you a bonus, two count them two movie reviews for the price of one. You can thank me later.
not just another hidden message for you to figure out, this one i put something important in, Jesus saves, give him your heart and he will give you kis kingdom.


Shrek 2 kicks some medieval butt! Shrek and all his pals are back for a sequal that lives up to the reputation set by the first film. Shrek and his new bride Fiona are off to meet the parents, her parents. In-laws a discouraging word to any newly weds, Shrek and his father in law the King of Far Far Away hit it off like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, with out the ear biting of course, this is a family film! The King and one heck of an evil Fair Godmother come up with a plan to eliminate Shrek from the picture and replace him with Prince Charming, Fair Godmother’s son. Enter Puss In Boots, a hired assassin, who is easily defeated by Shrek and Donkey, but with his sad looking eyes Shrek lets him join in on his quest for a magic potion that will make him a hansom human. Unbeknown to him, Shrek asks the enemy for a potion. Fair Godmother explains that an ogre will never live happily ever after, and refuses to aid him in his quest. You can’t tell and ogre no, what are you stupid? So Shrek steals the potion he needs and becomes human. He goes to kiss the princess to make the spell last, but is intercepted by the Fair Godmother, as Prince Charming pretends to be Shrek and put his moves on Fiona. Shrek doesn’t realize what’s going on and leaves the place and heads to the pub, for milk of course. In the pub he over hears the King and Fair Godmothers plan, and it’s on, he must save his beloved Fiona from a life she doesn’t want. Victory is Shrek’s as his loyal band of misfits including blind mice and Pinocchio. Fiona gives Shrek a piece of her mind, by telling him that she doesn’t care about looks, she just wants the ogre she married, they kiss and become ogres again and live happily ever after. Yes, boys and girls it’s a love story, but it’s a darn funny one, so watch it. This film gets and 8 out of 10.

You killed my family, now I kill yours, no wait I make you kill your own family and then I laugh at you, because you are stupid, ha ha ha ha! The Punisher, now this is a man’s film, death destruction and mayhem. Don’t fret ladies it’s a love story too. Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) has just retired from the FBI and is spending some alone time with the family, aww isn’t that a Kodak moment, when a gang of hit men come to repay him for the death of their bosses son. Bullets fly and poor wifey poo and son take the brunt of the abuse, resulting in their death. Frank goes nuts and ends up getting shot set of fire and blown up, thinking that he’s dead the hit men return home with a new found sense of pride. Low and behold Castle is building up his strength and preparing for a war of epic proportions. I don’t want to spoil this one too much so I’m gonna stop here. Just trust me when I say watch this film, if you don’t The Punisher is going to kick down your door and kill you while you sleep, ok not really unless you helped kill his loved ones, did you? This movie is awesome, let me say it again because it deserves it, this movie is awesome, that’s why it gets a 10 out of 10.
holy bat crap robin, this is the first 10 i have ever given!


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