Thursday, November 11, 2004

mmmmm Grizzle Bee's

Tonight was awesome, I went to church, praise and worship rocked! As far as work goes no arrests were made, :(, so I'm Feeling like a junkie who's been without crack for about a week. This new Chinese restaurant that moved into the plaze i work at gave away free lunch today, all you can eat never tasted so good. On a more serious note, it never amazes me how stupid our government is, the terror alert status has been lowered in certain areas of the U.S. from orange to yellow. Why announce something like this, it's kind of asking for trouble if you ask me. Next thing you know there is going to be a big neon sign that says bomb here, or sky writing with a large arrow. I mean come on, is it really a good idea to announce that extra security has been removed because the government feels the threat is no longer as great as it once was? So to W and his crew, here is a little word of advice, keep your big mouths shut! Well that's my brain fart for the day, hope you enjoyed it. What's that? You didn't enjoy it, to bad you read it anyway.

Oh the joys of having a woman wait on you, and treat you like a king. What am I talking about, you ask? The Stepford Wives is every man's fantasy come to life, a beautiful wife that doesn't talk back and caters to your every whim. Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick really bring this remake to the new generation. Joanna Eberhart (Kidman) is a career woman who has little time for her butt kissing husband Walter (Broderick). After Joanna gets fired, the two decide to move to the town of Stepford to start anew, but Joanna can't seem to pull the stick out of her derriere. The towns folk decide to let Walter in on a little secret, the secret of mind control, thats right every wife needs a little microchip in the brain to make her complete. Oh what a day for science, but better yet for men, since it is a man that has made this great achievement, or is it? It turns out that a women was behind the whole thing, ok the movie is over for me, like I didn't know that women are smarter then men, come on couldn't the guys win once, just once? Please! Here is my tip to the all the males out there, watch the movie up untill the last twenty minutes, then turn it off and take it back to the video store. You walk in feeling superior and the ladies at the counter think you have a sensitive side for not making some chauvinistic, monosyllabic comment about the ending of the film. I have to give this movie a 4 out of 10, but if it's turned off before the last twenty minutes it's a 5, lol, goodnight.


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