Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I'm Proud To Be Canadian!

Mr. clean magic erase sponge is the product of the day. I have no clue why I said that, I don’t own one and have never used one, but I tell you they are awesome go buy one now! Maybe if the company that makes them sees this blog they will send me some free ones, right, like that’s going to happen. So I went back to my home country of Canada on Saturday and it was great. Alright it’s not my home country, but I consider myself an adopted Canadian. Melanie made me play dance dance revolution for about 45 minutes, my legs are still sore, but it was worth it.


Tonight’s film is Shaun of The Dead. This British film is a parody of the movie Dawn of The Dead, the movie revolves around non other that Shaun, a loser who cant keep a girl and always disappoints his family and friends. The best part of the whole film is when Shaun’s friend Ed speaks, this guy is like a British Chris Farley. All I have to say is I’m sorry, no I’m sorry. Shaun has to save his friends and family from the extremely slow moving zombies that threaten the world. Can he do it, well you will have to watch and see. This film gets 6 out of 10 stinky farts.


That’s right it’s not a stupid customer, well she could be classified as stupid, but let’s go with strange. This lady walks in the BMV with makeup on that I can only describe as looking like that of what a mime would wear. She needed her drivers license renewed, it took everything in me to contain my laughter since visions of a mime trying to climb a rope danced around in my head. I would have just assumed she was gothic, but the lack of black hair and nail polish made me think otherwise. Needless to say I renewed her license and handed her the new one with a nice new pair of white gloves to make her mime act just a little more professional. Ok I lied about the gloves, but here is a tip, white makeup is for clowns and mimes not for ladies with poor makeup applying skills. Remember the person in this story is not being portrayed as a complete idiot, some of the parts are missing, no I mean we are all entitled to a stupid or strange moment in our life so this could just be her moment, so remember non of us are perfect, including me.


Blogger Kekkyojin said...

Dude....she was scary...it was like a female crow....and she said she did not wear any make-up...and that her mother looks just like her....and in her last picture she looked normal....it was scary...

9:29 PM

Blogger JB said...

you moron she had makeup on, so much that her face looked like her and the doughboy made out. then he slapped her in the face with some flower.

12:48 AM


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