Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I Have The Power, OK Not Really

I am obsessed with wallpaper for my desktop, I can’t acquire enough to fulfill my needs. I spent hours last night trying to find as many as I could, since I have to change them like I change my underwear, once every 3-5 days, just kidding it’s more like once every 2-4 with the wallpaper, underwear is everyday what kind of filthy person do you think I am? So here are some links to some of the best wallpapers I came across last night, if you like cartoons check these out.




I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and if you don’t well Skeletor is coming to kick your butt, via Evil Lynn’s magic gateway.


Movie night anyone? Envy that’s the film of the night staring Ben Stiller and Jack Black, enough said. This movie is awesome, its about a product invented by Nick Vandermark(Black) that makes number 2 disappear, that’s right the big stinky, poop, butt nuggets, alright I’m done, it’s like having terdburglar rob you of your deposit, ok now I’m done I swear. Vandermark asks Tim Dingman(Stiller) to be his Business partner, but Dingman turns him down because he doubts anyone will buy a product that makes poop disappear. What are you stupid who wouldn’t want to stop pooper scooping their dogs droppings? Christopher Walken co-stars as a crazy drunk with outrageous notions. If you like Black and Stiller you will love this movie, if you don’t than don’t rent it. This film gets an 8 out of 10, and don’t forget to watch the credits for crazy outtakes.


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