Tuesday, November 23, 2004


The title says it all folks, this site is possibly going to die. Why? Because it takes way to much time to keep up on movie reviews and my life is not worth writing about everyday, something exciting happens maybe once a week. I might add to it once a week and there will be a movie review every so often for nostalgic value, but this could be good bye. Pardon me as I wipe the tears from my eyes, it’s been a fun few weeks, but now it’s time to say goodbye, farewell, and so long.


Blogger Kekkyojin said...

ya lazy bum...you do nothing at home but watch movies...at least give us reviews every other day or so...i need them...i need them or i will explode...that happens to me sometimes..

11:47 PM

Blogger Neonyte said...

Yeah you'll be back, you know you can't resist the urges of blogging.

Until then.
May it rest in peace...

3:54 PM


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