Friday, November 19, 2004

Dance, Dance, Death

I feel like a bum, I was tired and lazy and didn’t post anything last night, but don’t fret I have plenty to talk about tonight. First and foremost, I have an update on one of the guys I got arrested at work. It seems he is famous, for what you might ask? For being a pimp, that’s right he is a pimp and he has books out about mackin and pimpin. Wow can you believe it, I got a fine gentleman of that nature arrested, I am so proud of myself. One more piece of scum off the streets, now I’m thirsty for more. This pimp who calls himself K-Flex has his very own website; would you like to check it out boys and girls? Ok here you go.
That’s not all though, this man has even appeared on TV, for instance he was on Michael Moore’s the Awful Truth series, playing non-other than a pimp. In the show, he went to Washington D.C. and tried to pimp politicians. He has also appeared of various talk shows. Now he is appearing in the Boardman police department, feel free to take the tour, you might just get to see big bad K-Flex and his new pale Bubba. Enough about that loser, now on to more fun, ok so you know I work at a BMV, so I have decided to include a new segment into my daily rant entitled Stupid Customer of The Day. So sit back relax grab you favorite soda and enjoy. One more side note, I was forced to play Dance Dance tonight by a friend of mine over and over again, and now I think I am going to die, Hutch you get my toys.


Today’s stupid customer is a real winner; this lady called the BMV and complained about her plate sticker not sticking properly. So we informed her that she could buy a replacement if she needed to, or she could bring it in and we could try and see what the problem is. She decided to bring the sticker in for our expert opinion, wow am I glad she did. She comes in and she asks for someone to go out to her car where the sticker is, so Debbie a co-worker of mine goes out to see what the problem is. When she gets out there, she realized that this lady never pulled the sticker off of the backing it is applied to, she just took scissors and cut around the sticker to get rid of the excess sticker backing. As if that wasn’t dumb enough, the lady used Elmer’s glue to attach the sticker to her plate, like that’s going to hold up when it’s raining outside. Debbie took the sticker off of the ladies car and removed the backing and stuck it on properly for her, I bet she felt dumb. Remember everyone is entitled to a stupid moment every once and awhile, I know I have mine, so these stories are not meant to imply that the person in the story is and idiot, just that they had a stupid moment.


The film is The Day After Tomorrow, it’s about a storm that threatens to send the earth into its next ice age. This film’s plot is very good, there are few if any tangents in this film. The story revolves around a man and his son, the son is trapped in a different part of New York, thanks to the storm. The father must risk everything even his life to try and reach the boy before the chilling cold takes his life. I would love to go into more details about this movie, but a friend asked me not to give away to much story, since he hasn’t watched it yet, so being the nice guy that I am I will stop here. This film is awesome so I have to give it 7 out of 10 dead frozen dudes.


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