Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I’m An Addict, It’s True, I Feel Alive

I can’t seem to pull myself away from this thing called the internet. It doesn’t really hold anything for me, do I really need to know what DVD’s are coming out in the next 2 years? I don’t think so, but yet I can’t resist looking. I can only learn so much about 80’s toys before I know it all, I have reached that point years ago, so why do I continuously look for more information. If you can answer these questions please feel free. I will give the internet some credit, I looked up several scriptures today and that took a lot less time that it would have taken to find the same scriptures in the Bible, so thank God for fast answers via roadrunner. Did I really need to find one more desktop wallpaper? Not really but my life would be incomplete without a Megas XLR wallpaper. What does this blog even mean, I have no idea, I think it means that the internet is an addiction, but one that doesn’t cause cancer or belligerent rambling followed by vomiting, instead the side effects are a messy house and extra money spawned from ebay sales. Ok I think that it’s time for me to leave you with something useful, Mr. Cleans magic erase sponge is worth every cent, yet I still don’t have one, and I have never used it.

I'm Proud To Be Canadian!

Mr. clean magic erase sponge is the product of the day. I have no clue why I said that, I don’t own one and have never used one, but I tell you they are awesome go buy one now! Maybe if the company that makes them sees this blog they will send me some free ones, right, like that’s going to happen. So I went back to my home country of Canada on Saturday and it was great. Alright it’s not my home country, but I consider myself an adopted Canadian. Melanie made me play dance dance revolution for about 45 minutes, my legs are still sore, but it was worth it.


Tonight’s film is Shaun of The Dead. This British film is a parody of the movie Dawn of The Dead, the movie revolves around non other that Shaun, a loser who cant keep a girl and always disappoints his family and friends. The best part of the whole film is when Shaun’s friend Ed speaks, this guy is like a British Chris Farley. All I have to say is I’m sorry, no I’m sorry. Shaun has to save his friends and family from the extremely slow moving zombies that threaten the world. Can he do it, well you will have to watch and see. This film gets 6 out of 10 stinky farts.


That’s right it’s not a stupid customer, well she could be classified as stupid, but let’s go with strange. This lady walks in the BMV with makeup on that I can only describe as looking like that of what a mime would wear. She needed her drivers license renewed, it took everything in me to contain my laughter since visions of a mime trying to climb a rope danced around in my head. I would have just assumed she was gothic, but the lack of black hair and nail polish made me think otherwise. Needless to say I renewed her license and handed her the new one with a nice new pair of white gloves to make her mime act just a little more professional. Ok I lied about the gloves, but here is a tip, white makeup is for clowns and mimes not for ladies with poor makeup applying skills. Remember the person in this story is not being portrayed as a complete idiot, some of the parts are missing, no I mean we are all entitled to a stupid or strange moment in our life so this could just be her moment, so remember non of us are perfect, including me.

Friday, November 26, 2004

It's Back and Not Better Than Ever

Well it’s Thanksgiving, I feel fat since I ate a buttload of pie. I know I said this site was gonna DIE, but April fools extremely early! So I’m back and I might not post every night, but I can assure you I am not dead and neither is this pathetic site. Since it is Thanksgiving I feel like I should share what I am thankful for, so here goes,
I am thankful for these
My parents who despite all of my craziness still manage to love me
My lord and savior Jesus Christ, with out him I am nothing
My relationship with God
My friends who somehow manage to put up with me
My job, even if I have to wait on old people that take forever
My house, even though it is a mess, at least it’s mine
My family, they feed me pumpkin pie, mmmmm pie
My cat Fatty she keeps me company
My car since it works again, praise the Lord
My computer, one of my closest friends

Ok that’s enough about what I’m thankful for, I’m sure you don’t really care anyway.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


The title says it all folks, this site is possibly going to die. Why? Because it takes way to much time to keep up on movie reviews and my life is not worth writing about everyday, something exciting happens maybe once a week. I might add to it once a week and there will be a movie review every so often for nostalgic value, but this could be good bye. Pardon me as I wipe the tears from my eyes, it’s been a fun few weeks, but now it’s time to say goodbye, farewell, and so long.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Dance, Dance, Death

I feel like a bum, I was tired and lazy and didn’t post anything last night, but don’t fret I have plenty to talk about tonight. First and foremost, I have an update on one of the guys I got arrested at work. It seems he is famous, for what you might ask? For being a pimp, that’s right he is a pimp and he has books out about mackin and pimpin. Wow can you believe it, I got a fine gentleman of that nature arrested, I am so proud of myself. One more piece of scum off the streets, now I’m thirsty for more. This pimp who calls himself K-Flex has his very own website; would you like to check it out boys and girls? Ok here you go.
That’s not all though, this man has even appeared on TV, for instance he was on Michael Moore’s the Awful Truth series, playing non-other than a pimp. In the show, he went to Washington D.C. and tried to pimp politicians. He has also appeared of various talk shows. Now he is appearing in the Boardman police department, feel free to take the tour, you might just get to see big bad K-Flex and his new pale Bubba. Enough about that loser, now on to more fun, ok so you know I work at a BMV, so I have decided to include a new segment into my daily rant entitled Stupid Customer of The Day. So sit back relax grab you favorite soda and enjoy. One more side note, I was forced to play Dance Dance tonight by a friend of mine over and over again, and now I think I am going to die, Hutch you get my toys.


Today’s stupid customer is a real winner; this lady called the BMV and complained about her plate sticker not sticking properly. So we informed her that she could buy a replacement if she needed to, or she could bring it in and we could try and see what the problem is. She decided to bring the sticker in for our expert opinion, wow am I glad she did. She comes in and she asks for someone to go out to her car where the sticker is, so Debbie a co-worker of mine goes out to see what the problem is. When she gets out there, she realized that this lady never pulled the sticker off of the backing it is applied to, she just took scissors and cut around the sticker to get rid of the excess sticker backing. As if that wasn’t dumb enough, the lady used Elmer’s glue to attach the sticker to her plate, like that’s going to hold up when it’s raining outside. Debbie took the sticker off of the ladies car and removed the backing and stuck it on properly for her, I bet she felt dumb. Remember everyone is entitled to a stupid moment every once and awhile, I know I have mine, so these stories are not meant to imply that the person in the story is and idiot, just that they had a stupid moment.


The film is The Day After Tomorrow, it’s about a storm that threatens to send the earth into its next ice age. This film’s plot is very good, there are few if any tangents in this film. The story revolves around a man and his son, the son is trapped in a different part of New York, thanks to the storm. The father must risk everything even his life to try and reach the boy before the chilling cold takes his life. I would love to go into more details about this movie, but a friend asked me not to give away to much story, since he hasn’t watched it yet, so being the nice guy that I am I will stop here. This film is awesome so I have to give it 7 out of 10 dead frozen dudes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I Have The Power, OK Not Really

I am obsessed with wallpaper for my desktop, I can’t acquire enough to fulfill my needs. I spent hours last night trying to find as many as I could, since I have to change them like I change my underwear, once every 3-5 days, just kidding it’s more like once every 2-4 with the wallpaper, underwear is everyday what kind of filthy person do you think I am? So here are some links to some of the best wallpapers I came across last night, if you like cartoons check these out.




I really hope you enjoy these as much as I do, and if you don’t well Skeletor is coming to kick your butt, via Evil Lynn’s magic gateway.


Movie night anyone? Envy that’s the film of the night staring Ben Stiller and Jack Black, enough said. This movie is awesome, its about a product invented by Nick Vandermark(Black) that makes number 2 disappear, that’s right the big stinky, poop, butt nuggets, alright I’m done, it’s like having terdburglar rob you of your deposit, ok now I’m done I swear. Vandermark asks Tim Dingman(Stiller) to be his Business partner, but Dingman turns him down because he doubts anyone will buy a product that makes poop disappear. What are you stupid who wouldn’t want to stop pooper scooping their dogs droppings? Christopher Walken co-stars as a crazy drunk with outrageous notions. If you like Black and Stiller you will love this movie, if you don’t than don’t rent it. This film gets an 8 out of 10, and don’t forget to watch the credits for crazy outtakes.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Too Much Sugar!!!

Where do I begin, where do I end? I have no clue, but here goes nothing. I got up this morning and thanks to my wonderful grandparents I had a car to drive to work, thank you so very much. I went to work, but for some reason I was hyper, waiting on old ladies and being hyper just don’t mix. I would be finished with renewing their registrations and they would just be starting to make out the check. That’s not good, because then my mind starts to wander, I start looking out the windows to see if anyone else is coming in to get waited on, and before I know it the old lady is shoving a check in my face. I just couldn’t win, so I decided to lose, my temper that is with another coworker. I realize I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t expect others to be either. I’m going to have to work on that, because it has become a regular part of work, and that’s not how it should be. Tonight was our late night, wow I hate working till 6:30, especially when it gets dark at 4, I get sleepy when the sun goes down, work should end if it gets dark, that’s my new rule, I doubt that the state will except that rule though. I am sorry, but you are not going to get a Story Time session tonight, I have to space them out, I don’t want to run out of good ones in only a week, but the movie review is still here, and that’s all you need anyway.


Are you sick and tired of superhero movies? me neither. I simply can’t get enough that’s why I had to see the film The Incredibles. Pixar does an awesome job on this film I would have to say it’s their best film to date. I don’t think that they have done a bad film yet, wait, no they haven’t, it doesn’t come out till next year (Cars). When the worlds superhero’s are forced to go into hiding to avoid more court cases, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) takes a job as an insurance agent, break out the utility belt I’m sure it’s needed there! Unbeknown to his wife Elasticgirl (Holly Hunter) Mr. Incredible aka Bob has been secretly taking part in superhero missions for a top secret company. Do to a battle Mr. incredible’s super suit was in need of repair so he had an old friend make him a new one. When he turns up missing his wife Elasticgirl aka Helen notices his old suit has a repair on it, so she confronts his old friend to find out his location. She is informed of a tracking device located in his new super suit and is off with new duds of her own to find her husband. Her kids’ stowaway for the adventure and thus the Incredibles are born. Held captive by a new super villain named Syndrome (Jason Lee) its up to Elasticgirl to set Mr. Incredible free to save the world from catastrophic danger. Trust my you don’t want to miss this movie, take the kids they will love it, and that’s why it gets a 9 out of 10 super powers, i left out x-ray vision, because Mr. Incedible was looking at my underwear.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cheer Is Color Safe

You never realize how much freedom a car brings you until yours is broken. I woke up at noon with the ambition to go to Toys R Us, but soon realized that I would have to walk if I really wanted to go, like that’s gonna happen. The couch my fortress of solitude, that’s where I am and shall remain until something great happens, or the need to take a shower arises. So with nothing else to say about what happen today, I decided to introduce a new segment into This is My Brain on Life, entitled Story Time. Story Time is where I tell you true story about my past; enjoy the first installment of Story Time.

Who doesn’t love pixie sticks? I was a stick addict when I was four years old. Every time my mom had to go to the mall my veins would start calling for the sugary goodness. You see the mall used to be cool in Niles, OH, it had this huge candy store in it, with bins shaped like old barrels chock full of delicious treats. This store also sold those giant pixie sticks, the ones that are twice the size of the giant pixie sticks we have now. I would beg my mother to stop and get me one; if I was lucky I would score some gummy worms too. Because of my addiction I would go through withdraw when I was unable to obtain a stick. This led me to search the house for some kind of sugar. One day came across what I thought was the mother load, it was huge, a box full of grape pixie stick. I grabbed a handful and licked it all off my hand, but something was wrong, this didn’t taste like grape candy, it was bitter and it made me gag. What was it that I ate you ask? Cheer powdered detergent, now days it’s white, but when I was a kid it was purple, and easily mistaken for a box full of grape pixie stick. The slogan was safe on colors; I was praying that it was safe on my intestines. If there is anything to learn from this story, it’s this never assume that you mother would leave I giant box of sugar under the fish tank.

Roger Rabbit 2, no wait it’s Van Helsing, ya the C.G.I. is that bad. Whatever happened to the use of conventional makeup for special effects? Don’t get me wrong I like C.G.I. as much as the next guy, but when it actually looks real, the vampires looked like Count Duckula flying around. For those of you who weren’t kids in the 80’s or who lived under a rock this might jog you memory of Count Duckula, http://www.nyanko.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/chamb/duckula.html. Back to the film, Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is on a quest to Transylvania to kill Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) with the aid of local hottie Anna (Kate Beckinsale). This film has so many monsters in it; it’s hard to remember who is good and who is evil. The whole plot of the movie is to bring Dracula’s children to life; since he is undead his children are dead when they are born, and the secret to bringing them to life lies in the Frankenstein monster. The whole time I thought Dracula was hiding in the closet instead of a coffin, I bet he only breeds for the sake of his races survival. The film wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a seen for Wolverine and Selene to kiss, wait Van and Anna, my bad. If you haven’t seen the film stop reading here, or you will be mad at me for telling the ending. Van becomes a werewolf because of a bit, and realizes that Dracula can only be beaten by one, so it works out for him. Van rages into battle against Dracula, with all the sweat and touching, Dracula invites Helsing to join him, join him for what? Van kills him, Anna gives Van the antidote, and they live happily ever after. Ha, Ha, no she dies, ha, ha, ha, ha. This film could have been good, but it wasn’t so I give it a 3 out of 10.

Frostbite On My Hitchhiking Thumb

Today was wonderful, did you catch the sarcasm there. I went to work, I went to church, and then my car broke down. Well at least it happened after work and church. So now I am stuck at my house with a car that doesn’t work and a tow truck bill of $53.50, how do they sleep at night? My car broke down about 4 miles from my house come on $53.50, that’s not bad for 10 minutes worth of work. Now I am going to have to sell my soul on ebay, well maybe not since I already gave it to Jesus for free, I guess I am going to have to find something else to sell. Here kitty, kitty, kitty, I wonder how much an overweight cat sells for these days? I only need one lung and kidney; I bet I could get $60.00 out of those. Maybe I could pretend to work for the Salvation Army and get my own red bucket and bell, no to immoral. Well enough of my problems, here is what you came to this site for.

Oh, I know this is you favorite part of the day so here is your movie review of the night. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, that’s right Scooby and the Gang are back for another crazy adventure in solving mysteries. First of all any movie that has Shaggy in it is guaranteed to rock, Shaggy is played by Matthew Lillard, some of you might know him from a little Indy flick called SLC Punk. In this film the gang has to save their home town of Coolsville from becoming Ghoulsville as villains from their past stop being guys in cheesy suits and start becoming real monsters. I can’t believe I just made up the word Ghoulsville, I am so lame, anyway I give this movie 6 out of 10 because like zoinks it’s funny.

Friday, November 12, 2004

I Need A Life, ASAP

Another uneventful day so far, that’s what happens when I’m off from work, nothing. I went to the post office to send some ebay junk out, I know, I know, don’t break out the party blowers all at once. I might get to finally see the movie The Saw tonight if things go my way, but that rarely happens so don’t expect a movie review of it on this site for quite awhile. Oh while I’m talking about movies, if you disagree with a rating I have given to a film, don’t be shy there is a reason you are allowed to post comments on this site. I don’t care if you hate me for a rating or love me, just remember this site is family oriented so please keep whatever you have to say clean, or I will bust out the bar of soap! I have flavors leaver, dial, old spice, and generic, fear the generic! Ok enough random emissions from my brain, since I was off today you know what that means, double movie review, wow I gotta get a life.


Brian Pulido’s epic comic character Lady Death is back, but this time in animated form. The daughter of a ruthless tyrant, who is actually the devil himself, is burned at the stake and cast into hell for her father’s sins. So she is a little upset about the whole ordeal, wouldn’t you be? She forms an alliance with the Cremator, hells former sword smith, and learns to harness her magic power with a mystic sword to battle her father. With her new allay she enlists an army to wage war on hells palace, but it’s not easy to beat the lord of lies in his hometown. Blows are exchanged and just when you think that Lady Death is down for the count a demon dog aids in the retrieval of her lost sword, and with it she really sticks it to Satan. She thought his death would free her soul, but she was informed by her father before his beheading that as long as one of his followers is alive she will never by free. Thus the war rages on! I gotta admit when she was chopping the head off of that piece of crap Satan, I was pretending it was me doing it, but wearing a little bit more clothes. Sorry Lady Death, but you dress kind of skanky! Anyway this movie is awesome, I’m going to have to give it an 8 out of 10.

The Grudge is the movie of the night, but before I get into the review lets assume that this is an original film not a remake of the Japanese films, because technically it is not a remake, it is an Americanized version. The film follows Karen Davis (Sarah Michelle Gellar), let me wipe away the drool from my mouth, ok better, an American nurse who lives in Tokyo. She get a position taking care of an elderly woman after her former nurse turns up missing, yeah, that’s the job I’d want to take. Karen gets exposed to a supernatural curse leading to the death of her boyfriend Doug (Jason Behr.) This movie is filled with jump out of your seat suspense, if you suffer from movie goers nightmares, than avoid this one, unless you like waking up in a cold sweat. I would seriously love to tell you more about this movie, but I hate to give away so much of the plot from a good film. This film rocks and therefore receives a 9 out of 10. gargling throat noises, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Titleless no not Titleist the golf balls, get with the program

Today is pretty uneventful so far, it’s my day off thanks to Veterans Day. I woke up like half and hour ago and watched the rest of Shrek 2, since I feel asleep last night. I plan on doing nothing all day, ok I might eat something or get on ebay, I love ebay! If you guys like Monster Nation on the discovery channel, there is a marathon today so tune in Monster fans, sorry Big Shwag, not trying to put you out of a job or anything. Sorry to keep things short and sweet, but I have nothing to say since my day has just begun. However I will give you a bonus, two count them two movie reviews for the price of one. You can thank me later.
not just another hidden message for you to figure out, this one i put something important in, Jesus saves, give him your heart and he will give you kis kingdom.


Shrek 2 kicks some medieval butt! Shrek and all his pals are back for a sequal that lives up to the reputation set by the first film. Shrek and his new bride Fiona are off to meet the parents, her parents. In-laws a discouraging word to any newly weds, Shrek and his father in law the King of Far Far Away hit it off like Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, with out the ear biting of course, this is a family film! The King and one heck of an evil Fair Godmother come up with a plan to eliminate Shrek from the picture and replace him with Prince Charming, Fair Godmother’s son. Enter Puss In Boots, a hired assassin, who is easily defeated by Shrek and Donkey, but with his sad looking eyes Shrek lets him join in on his quest for a magic potion that will make him a hansom human. Unbeknown to him, Shrek asks the enemy for a potion. Fair Godmother explains that an ogre will never live happily ever after, and refuses to aid him in his quest. You can’t tell and ogre no, what are you stupid? So Shrek steals the potion he needs and becomes human. He goes to kiss the princess to make the spell last, but is intercepted by the Fair Godmother, as Prince Charming pretends to be Shrek and put his moves on Fiona. Shrek doesn’t realize what’s going on and leaves the place and heads to the pub, for milk of course. In the pub he over hears the King and Fair Godmothers plan, and it’s on, he must save his beloved Fiona from a life she doesn’t want. Victory is Shrek’s as his loyal band of misfits including blind mice and Pinocchio. Fiona gives Shrek a piece of her mind, by telling him that she doesn’t care about looks, she just wants the ogre she married, they kiss and become ogres again and live happily ever after. Yes, boys and girls it’s a love story, but it’s a darn funny one, so watch it. This film gets and 8 out of 10.

You killed my family, now I kill yours, no wait I make you kill your own family and then I laugh at you, because you are stupid, ha ha ha ha! The Punisher, now this is a man’s film, death destruction and mayhem. Don’t fret ladies it’s a love story too. Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) has just retired from the FBI and is spending some alone time with the family, aww isn’t that a Kodak moment, when a gang of hit men come to repay him for the death of their bosses son. Bullets fly and poor wifey poo and son take the brunt of the abuse, resulting in their death. Frank goes nuts and ends up getting shot set of fire and blown up, thinking that he’s dead the hit men return home with a new found sense of pride. Low and behold Castle is building up his strength and preparing for a war of epic proportions. I don’t want to spoil this one too much so I’m gonna stop here. Just trust me when I say watch this film, if you don’t The Punisher is going to kick down your door and kill you while you sleep, ok not really unless you helped kill his loved ones, did you? This movie is awesome, let me say it again because it deserves it, this movie is awesome, that’s why it gets a 10 out of 10.
holy bat crap robin, this is the first 10 i have ever given!

mmmmm Grizzle Bee's

Tonight was awesome, I went to church, praise and worship rocked! As far as work goes no arrests were made, :(, so I'm Feeling like a junkie who's been without crack for about a week. This new Chinese restaurant that moved into the plaze i work at gave away free lunch today, all you can eat never tasted so good. On a more serious note, it never amazes me how stupid our government is, the terror alert status has been lowered in certain areas of the U.S. from orange to yellow. Why announce something like this, it's kind of asking for trouble if you ask me. Next thing you know there is going to be a big neon sign that says bomb here, or sky writing with a large arrow. I mean come on, is it really a good idea to announce that extra security has been removed because the government feels the threat is no longer as great as it once was? So to W and his crew, here is a little word of advice, keep your big mouths shut! Well that's my brain fart for the day, hope you enjoyed it. What's that? You didn't enjoy it, to bad you read it anyway.

Oh the joys of having a woman wait on you, and treat you like a king. What am I talking about, you ask? The Stepford Wives is every man's fantasy come to life, a beautiful wife that doesn't talk back and caters to your every whim. Nicole Kidman and Matthew Broderick really bring this remake to the new generation. Joanna Eberhart (Kidman) is a career woman who has little time for her butt kissing husband Walter (Broderick). After Joanna gets fired, the two decide to move to the town of Stepford to start anew, but Joanna can't seem to pull the stick out of her derriere. The towns folk decide to let Walter in on a little secret, the secret of mind control, thats right every wife needs a little microchip in the brain to make her complete. Oh what a day for science, but better yet for men, since it is a man that has made this great achievement, or is it? It turns out that a women was behind the whole thing, ok the movie is over for me, like I didn't know that women are smarter then men, come on couldn't the guys win once, just once? Please! Here is my tip to the all the males out there, watch the movie up untill the last twenty minutes, then turn it off and take it back to the video store. You walk in feeling superior and the ladies at the counter think you have a sensitive side for not making some chauvinistic, monosyllabic comment about the ending of the film. I have to give this movie a 4 out of 10, but if it's turned off before the last twenty minutes it's a 5, lol, goodnight.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I am sad to say that I didn’t get anyone arrested at work today. For those of you just tuning in to the life that is me I work at a BMV no I said BMV not DMV, come on say it with me B M V, there you go, that wasn’t so hard now was it? In the past month I have gotten two individuals who thought they were slick and tried to play a trick, excuse me I have been reading to much Dr. Seuss. They gave me fake social security cards to try and obtain ID’s and plates. Being the expert that I am, I new as soon as I saw the cards that they were fake (ego boost?), and so the police were secretly called to arrest them and get them away from my counter. Now I am like a junkie I need some more idiots to come in with fake documents so they to can feel the wrath of justice! If you have figured out what this says your wasting your time, HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Are you ready for the flick of the night? I am sad to say that tonight’s movie is rated very low on the scale. Garfield the Movie is by far the worst cartoon to live action movie I have ever seen, the C.G.I.(computer generated images) were lame, Garfield’s size was rather large, I know he’s fat and all but compared to the other cats in the film his skeletal structure was way to big. The only good thing about the movie was Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s adorable smile. Bill Murray what were you thinking when you decided to do the voice of Garfield, I know that Ghostbusters 3 is never gonna see the light of day, but please find a better agent or something, and while were on the subject what the heck is up with Lost in Translation? Ok, back to the movie, Garfield has to save Oddie from being dog napped by some idiot that wants to exploit his stupid tricks to do television commercials. Yawn, sigh, yawn, is this movie going to get good at some point? Nope. This film gets a 1 out of 10, sorry Garfield no lasagna for you!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh, the joy of friends

The world as a whole seems to think that guys can't be friends with the opposite sex. Why? I ask. I have known some women longer than most of my guy friends, nothing has happened to change those relationships from that of friends to more than friends, so why does everyone seem to try and make a mountain out of a mole hill? I was told today that a man can not have female friends without wanting there to be more to it that that, but a girl can have male friends without wanting anything more than friendship. This statement bothers me, is this true, i don't think so, but if i didn't somehow agree why would i have no valid argument, and why do i even care? Unless I really do agree with this and i just try to hide my true feelings for some greater plan, but what plan could i possible have?

Tonights movie is Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the film rocks, Schwarzenegger returns to his role of a butt kicking flesh covered robot form the future. The film takes place 10 years after Terminator 2, with a now adult John Connor, played by Nick Stahl, i was kinda upset that Edward Furlong didnt reprise his role as Connor, but Stahl did a great job. John Connor teams up with Kate Brewster a girl from his past, played by Claire Danes to try and stop the machines from destroying most of the world, but unfortunately they relize that the future can not be prevented, thus the war begins, so hollywood bring on T4!